Power Rankings Useless This Year

There's another thread in which people are arguing the power rankings. My suggestion is- give up.

Are the Lions #1... or #5?
Are the Cats # 2,3,4,5, or 6?
Montreal is #1, 2, or 3.
Calgary drops how many placings.
The Riders climb is stonewalled and they go back to #7 maybe... but the Argos beat the #1 team so maybe they are now #7 or 6, or 5, or even #1? (Yeah... I'm just kidding with this one.)

Pick 'em. Each week there are blowouts by teams that were blown out the week earlier. I've stopped looking at the rankings even though I have been a regular reviewer of them.

The bright light in this though is is ther finally parity in the CFL. Should make for more exciting football.

They will still rank Calgary in the top 2 because the guy who comes up with this power ranking crap loves the Stampeders…

Someone has to go there. I'm probably going with Edmonton this week.

I still look at them, but yeah, they're pretty useless this year.

...they are pretty useless I think as well....I like to look at say the last 6 games as an indicator and throw in there how a team is trending...based on that, the following:

BC is 5-1 and definately trending up

Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Montreal and Saskatchewan are all sitting a 3-3, with Saskatchewan fairly neutral, Calg/Winny sliding and Mont/Hammy trending up

Edmonton is 2-4 and rollercoastering, as is Toronto, between the two of them, head to head, Edmonton wins the draw

Numerically that equates to:

1 - BC
2 - Montreal
3 - Hamilton
4 - Saskatchewan
5 - Winnipeg
6 - Calgary
7 - Edmonton
8 - Toronto

....but I also think power rankings are a complete waste of time, so whatever, you can angrily disect the above at will and I won't disagree with you...

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2011/09/26/lefko_rankings_week13/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... gs_week13/[/url]

Useless I agree, thus I look also; TSN has their view (below) and Sportsnet (Lefko's) has theirs in the link above.
Winnipeg..Montreal..Lions..Edmonton..Hamilton..Calgary..Riders..Toronto - There is all kinds of scenario's.
Perhaps one could break the season down into thirds; First 6 games: Winnipeg Edmonton..ect. Next 6 games: B.C. is on top and so on it goes. The next six who knows, so thus I don't recall a season like this one where two teams could/will get on a roll to meet in the Grey Cup. (Lions vs Edmonton > West Final) / (East Final ???? vs Montreal) Heart says the Bombers but my mind says Hamilton >> when playing like they can on all cylinders they will beat anybody. Just my two cents worth.

How could you possibly have Calgary ahead of Edmonton, when the Esks have won the season series and handled Hamilton quite easily this year .

...mainly it was based off calgary being 3-3 in their last 6 and edmonton being 4-2, but your logic is fine too...

IMO, it should be like this:

1: Edmonton
2: Montreal
3: BC
4: Hamilton
5: Calgary
6: Winnipeg
7: Toronto
8: Saskatchewan



Power rankings are ALWAYS useless. :stuck_out_tongue:

1.winnipeg - still the best record in the league
2. bc
3. edm
4. montreal
5. calgary
6. ham
7. sask

Get a Magic Eight Ball.

Look at these team stats:

(Points For versus Points Against)

  1. B.C. +85 (6-6) -should have the best record in the West and are looking like they might have it by season's end
  2. Montreal +77 (7-5) -probably should be still considered the top team in the East. Calvillo injury would change that.
  3. Winnipeg +14 (8-4) -lucky to be top team in the league. They are really just a .500 team but have gotten some lucky breaks this season (Saturday's game notwithstanding). They are falling, but not as fast as Calgary.
  4. Hamilton +7 (6-6) - record is about right. They have not been consistent this season, but sure looked great yesterday.
  5. Edmonton +4 (7-5) -lucky to be top team in the west. Inconsistent.
  6. Calgary -21 (7-5) - falling fast- most overrated team this season. (Bombers are a close 2nd)
  7. Saskatchewan -73 (4-8) - reality is setting in. They just don't have it this season.
  8. Toronto -93 (3-9) - worse team in the league. Their record is just about right.

My personal power rankings today would be:

  1. B.C.
  2. Montreal
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Hamilton
  5. Edmonton
  6. Calgary
  7. Saskatchewan
  8. Toronto

LOL really? Do you even know what power rankings are?

They're 1-3 in their last four games, lost to Toronto, lost both running backs and potentially two QBs... and you have them ahead of the nearly unbeatable BC Lions?

Fanboyism is alive and well. :stuck_out_tongue: