Power Rankings: TSN & Sportsnet


1 BC
2 Montreal
3 Winnipeg
4 Toronto
5 Calgary
6 Saskatchewan
7 Edmonton
8 Hamilton


1 BC
2 Calgary
3 Saskatchewan
4 Winnipeg
5 Toronto
6 Hamilton
7 Montreal
8 Edmonton

From the looks of both TSN and Sportsnets Power Rankings this season should be pretty interesting. One has Montreal ranked 2nd while the other has them ranked 2nd last.

Here are my predictions:

1 BC
2 Calgary
3 Toronto
4 Hamilton
5 Winnipeg
6 Saskatchewan
7 Montreal
8 Edmonton

I honestly believe that Hamilton is going to shock the CFL. I'm not predicting a Grey Cup... but they will finish second in the East. Jim Popp has too much on his plate and will falter as a coach/GM and I don't think Kevin Glenn is a quality starting QB and that will cause Winnipeg to suffer. Toronto will finish first in the east under Mike McMahon once they recover from the slow start they'll have with Damon Allen in the starting position.

Grey Cup Champs: BC Lions
Grey Cup Runner-Up: Toronto Argonauts (Suck)

i thought they were going ot shock the CFL last year too but look what happened. We'll wait and see, Cheer on our tabbies and hope for the best

After watching Ricky Ray last night and the new players they picked up I would move them up to number 3 or 4.

That Edmonton/Winnipeg game was amazing! My predictions and the Power Rankings are already shot!

wow…the sportsnet one was pretty accurate SO FAR.

bc, sask and winnipeg in the top 4 while also having monteal near the bottom.