Power Rankings thread

So far...

  1. Calgary
  2. Sask
  3. BC
  4. Winnipeg
  5. Edmonton
  6. Toronto
  7. Montreal
  8. Hamilton

I don't see any reason why the Riders should be ranked higher than the Stamps at this point. Yes we beat them in pre season and yes they played an inept Hamilton team, but I think people are over rated Montreal at this point. After those 2 it's a toss up from the 3 to 5 spot in my opinion, none of those teams showed much.

after week one:

  1. Calgary(calgary dominated and b.c. just didnt, sask grinded one out in mtl)

  2. B.C.

  3. Saskatchewan

  4. Toronto

  5. Winnipeg

  6. Edmonton

  7. Montreal

  8. Hamilton

5&6 could go either way.

Are you 3 years old? Actually I will be more exact. You are 12, arent you? Arent you the one who on another thread was praising everybody in the West exceptfor the Riders? Who is biased there? What you just said is the most hypocritical thing I have read on here in a while. Who here put the Riders in 1st anyways who is a Rider fan? Only Torontoismyhome or w.e his name is did. He isnt a Rider fan. Look at other people too. Like Stampederville. He put Calgary in first after they beat Hamilton.... Hamilton. Im pretty sure that with the penalties Hamilton put on themselves ANY team in the CFL could have beat them like Calgary did. Having said that, Calgary played a good game.

Stamps arent that high, and Winnipeg should be higher than TO

I agree with miltforlife. Have you read turkeynuts posts! Now he gives lessons on being biased. Who cares that is his opinion. Where was his post hypocritical? He did not put his bombers in first place now did he Jman? Calm down take it easy!

Thats your opinion right. Again these are plain stupid just like polls who is your favorite team it is a joke.

Just like the regular season , you really cant do power rankings after just one week. They should be done, if any should be done at all, after a 3rd of the season is done. Then maybe one after half the season, and anohter after 12 games. After 6 games you will get a read on who are the contenders and who are the pretenders.

I think the rankings are just garbage. The only rankings that count are the wins and losses.

I agree that power rankings are kinda dumb after week one, but with that said after WEEK ONE looking at all the games i do believe the stamps should be at #1.

The next time Toronto hosts a grey cup with the Argos in it Toronto will be part of the U.S. and Global warming will have shrunk Lake Ontario and it will be renamed Swamp Ontario! = the year 2086.
Riders Rule
Argos Drool

Explain to me 1) Why do you care? 2) wins and losses only count 3) Why would your riders be ahead of everyone with one game played?
I believe you stated the riders played a stronger team right? So who says the Als at this time are a strong team are you not going from last year. That is the problem. These rankings are stupid totally and are biased to who the person that creates them. Nothing more.

Why? Three teams won right! So really how do you determine the variables to pick your number one team. It is moronic. There are three teams with 2 points do to winning and two teams with one point the rest with no points. So the three teams that won how do you go about picking?

Something tells me you been snorting the cranola again!

Power rankings are sort of silly, but it's one of those things that really stimulates debate and gets people talking on message boards, especially at the beginning of the season when there's not all that much to talk about yet :slight_smile:


I agree the Stamps should be rate number 1 look at the score difference but there will bew many that will say well it was only the Tiger Cats so really what is the point.

First, I have never been an Allen fan

however, this bishop did better than allen stuff is crap.

A) Allens stats are better.
b) mop up at the end of the game usually makes the second guy look better. Defense is more tired, plays different, etc.

Bishop is not the answer and does not make Toronto better than BC. Hopefully for Toronto, this McMahon guy will be number one soon.

i definately have to agree... coming off the bench is much different then starting

a few examples here, coming off the bench Wynn immediately threw a TD pass for the argos, continued to play great and won the game against the tabbies for toronto, but then they never won a game with him starting

Jason Maas on two occasions came off the bench to lead the eskies to two play off wins and bailed ray out.... next year he leads his team to a 4-14 season

Mike Quinn came out and looked great off the bench as well, had an effeiciency rating of a little over 120 against the esks i believe... when it came time for him to start he simply couldnt get it done... and looked terrible

Bishop came from behind to win against the bombers, and almost bailed out allen in the eastern final against the ALS, looked pretty good off the bench against the lions in the season opener... but when he starts next week they will see once again that starting and coming off the bench are two completely different things in football

it was always easier for me to come off the bench for me as well when i played football... but when i was the starter i didnt do nearly as well

Power rankings are more about maintaining your ranking from the week before. It's more about moving down in the ranking rather than up. Calgary being ranked #2 last week will not move up for beating the #8 (TiCats). Montreal being ranked #3 lost at home to a lower ranked Rider team, so justifiably they move down. At least that is how I view it, if you beat the teams your supposed to, than you maintain your ranking.

Piggy was this not the first game of the season so how can you have a rating on the teams. Regardless have you noticed not any one ranking by the various sites are the same. Why is that? Could it be that each person that does one isa bit biased. Really these rankings are a joke. The only thing good about them is it creates chat. Other then that the only rankings that count are the win column.