Power Rankings thread

My Power Rankings

  1. Riders - Did a masterful job of containing the Als' in the red zone.
  2. Stamps - Kicked the Ti-Cats' butt. But it's the Ti-Cats
  3. Argos - Only lost to the Lions by two points and the offense dominated when Bishop came in. Had he started, they would have one. I put them ahead of the Lions because they were better with Bishop at the helm.
  4. Lions - Looked shaky at times on both sides of the ball but the special teams saved them in Week 1. Still, they did enough to win and the Lions are always dangerous.
  5. Bombers - Scratched and clawed all the way and pulled out a tie on the road against the Esks.
  6. Eskimos - Were unable to close out the Bombers on their home turf.
  7. Alouettes - Weren't able to put the ball in the endzone. Awful playcalling that Calvillo seemed uncomfortable with.
  8. Ti-Cats - Still hope for this team. Playing Calgary at McMahon is no easy task and there were some bright spots - such as the play of Lumsden.

Turkeypowered rankings:

  1. Riders-only team to win all their games this year(exhition & regular season.)
    Austin should step back and let them play and stay out of the way.

  2. BC Pussycats- beat Argos in T.o. -was not pretty but won on the road which people forget and don't realize is tough to do.

  3. Calgary Stumps- They stump us because one never knows which team will show up!!
    One of best teams on paper in CFL.

  4. Edmontonchuck Esks- Ricky with the shaven eyebrows Ray will keep them in every game. "D" is a question mark.

  5. Winterpeg Perogies- Valiant effort on the road but coach flips out too much and that will wear on Players. Terrible Troy will be the 1st casualty as he his dogleg golf kicks kept doglegging it to the right.

  6. Toronto Argonuts- Retire Damon - please - should be the headlines in the paper. 'D' is solid. Time to move on Damon.

  7. Hamilton Tigger and Roos- I might be way off but I think there is hope in Steeltown. Lumsden is back but Maas and receivers need to get on same page or we will be hearing Don Ho's theme song to introduce the Hawaian qb before each game.

8.The Als are a mess. Too old, no coach= nothing. The disgrace of the season this year. Als fans should demand their money back for game 1 of the season.
Bring back Rocket Richard, Guy Lafleur and Patrick Roy!!!!!!!!!!

Well power rankings are always subjective and people will always say that this team should be ahead of that team but I honestly don't understand how you can have the Argos ranked higher than the Lions who just beat them in Toronto and are the defending champs. I'm not criticizing you here TorontoIsMyHome but well umm I don't know how to end that sentence.

For what it's worth this is my power rankings after week #1.

  1. BC - Still the defending grey cup champs and won their opener on the road against a very good defensive team.
  2. Calgary - Very close second. Looked really good in all facets of the game.
  3. Saskatchewan - Sask's defence looked extrememly good (although it could be Montreal's inept offence). Sask could be better with some of their receivers back and Wes Cates in an Running Back.
  4. Winnipeg - Got a tie on the road in Edmonton isn't too bad all things considering. Offense looked very good (could be attributed to Edmonton's inept defence though). Defence is better than they showed in Edmonton as Ray tore them apart. P.S. Cut Troy "WIDE LEFT" Westwood right freaking NOW!!! Pikula can't be any worse plus he's got a young leg.
  5. Toronto - Their defence and special teams played very well. Moved the ball better once Bishop came in. Could be hurting if Prefontaine is seriously injured.
  6. Edmonton - Offence was terrific. Made a decent Winnipeg defence look bad. Defence needs some work.
  7. Montreal - Defence was OK. Offence struggled mightely. Bad sign losing to the Riders in your home opener when you've owned the Riders for so long and have won your last 10 straight season openers. Could be a down year for the Als.
  8. Hamilton - I liked their running game in Lumsden and Holmes and Chang showed some spark at QB with a Calgary defence probably loosening up with the game out of reach but there isn't much else to be excited about in Steeltown. Unfortunately it might be another long year in Hamilton.

That's my two cents

Bison - BC won because of a blocked punt and an overturned Toronto touchdown. You can't give a team a good ranking because of a blocked punt because it will never happen consistently.

I look past the score when making my power rankings. You should too.

Nice rankings bison.

Turkey 2 tips.

  1. Have an eraser handy when you have to change your power rankings after next week.

  2. Have plenty of beer and a crying towel
    nearby when watching your team next week.


We could argue back and forth all day long but you just made my point exactly. BC won Toronto did not.

Which is why power rankings are meaningless

and in torontos own back yard

True but it's still fun to get to yammer and agrue back and forth amongst fellow CFL fans whom is better than the other. Typically the person will be biased for whichever team they cheer for but I try and be as unbiased as I can in my rankings.

I agree with you for the most part, but how can you have Calgary over Sask at this point? I mean, Calgary beat Hamilton, but the Riders beat Montreal... As well I know it was preseason but in the 2nd game preseason game, Calgary couldnt move the ball for nothing against the 1st team offence... IMO, Calgary isnt a very close second, the Riders are.

Well as I said anyone can probably give a good argument on why one team is ranked ahead of another but I really liked all three facets of Calgary's game compared to two of three of the Riders (their offence struggled at times especially in the 4th quarter with the game on the line - something like 3 or 4 two and outs in a row if my memory serves me right. I know the Riders were on the road in Montreal typically a place where they don't play very well but I don't have Montreal ranked very far ahead of Hamilton. I give a slightly higher consideration on how the team looked themselves over their competition. Again just my two cents.

No biase in your accessment :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Care to explain to me how I am biased Red05 or are your referring to jman's reply being biased?

EDIT: Sorry I just saw which response you replied to 05. My bad :oops:

No problem. Like Ro said rankings are based on ones opinions. So if you are a rider fan of course you will rate them higher that is natural after all you will have a grey cup parade after each win. Then when it counts well we know where it goes from there right. 1989 is a long time!

Only time will tell. All you haters will have your mouths shut when Toronto is in the Grey Cup on its own home turf!

You really think they will make it that far? They cant even decide who is going to be the starting QB. Im willing to bet that Allen starts again next week, and the week after that-- Bishop will get playing time, but then so could McMahon. Pinball might as well have a wheel to spin like Maggie the monkey and with the names of his QB's on it, and wherever it lands, that's this week starter!

Bishop will start. That's what Pinball has hinted at. That's what will happen.

Think about it 05 tho... why wouldnt they be higher?

Thats only game 2.

i hate how biased all of u are especially the sask fans who put themselves first because they won their preseason games who cares about preseason it doesnt mean anything!