Power Rankings: The stakes get higher

TORONTO — Week 18 has arrived and with it comes a pair of games that could be big ones in the playoff picture and in these rankings.

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100%. Bravo.

BC and TO have flip-flopped the last 5 weeks, so Saturdays game should keep one in third for the rest of the season. It all comes down to the Jekyll and Hyde tendencies of Adams and MBT who both have their fan bases cheering or jeering on an all too regular basis. Which alias shows up this weekend?

Although both teams are a mess, Hamilton should hurdle over Saskatchewan after this weekend. The same as above can be said for their respective QBs.

The rest will stay the same.

if Sask wins Friday night, they clinch a playoff berth.

No they could still tie hamilton if they win out and Saskatchewan loses last 2 games

It really puzzles me how they keep saying the ELKs are improving week after week! In week 6 they were 6th in the standings and never acheived that high in the power rankings since, They presently hold the all time record (from CFL and NFL teams combined) with the most number of consecutive losses at home. They are still last in the division and in reality have not improved over last year's standings. Sure there are some talented players on the squad but I think they look good because the rest of the team is horrible. Chris Jones Rep must be driving the opinions of those that say the Elks are improving, because the Stats don't confirm those opinions.

Yes - Edmonton and particularly Cornelius Suck. Jones is an idiot for keeping him and trading Arbuckle.
Vernon Adams is hugely unpredictable and hugely unreliable.
MacBeth 100% Sucks and will sink the Argos ship = stupidest coach and management in the league outside of Montreal. Don't know which of these is the most disastrous mismanaged team - thank God Ottawa finally got the sense to fire the 6-22 hapless LaPo. Montreal and Toronto should follow suit.