Power Rankings: The rise of the REDBLACKS

TORONTO — Through the nine weeks of completed action in this season, there were two constants that for better and worse, we’d come to rely upon in the power rankings.

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Yea these power ranking have always been the Author's opinion mostly based on nothing but bias! Usually Pretty Obvious for the top 3 but after that makes no sense. Ottawa beat 2nd last team and moves up a notch. However doesn't matter that the Stamps beat 2nd place team (SASK) and remain at #7, While Sask remains at #2. Then look Argos didn't even play and they jump up 2 notches. While Montreal beats 4th place team (ticats) and they don't move either! In reality Winnipeg is the only one that deserves consistant #1 spot.

Sunderland needs to go!

Not sure what is so biased. Roughriders have second best record in the league even with the loss, they stay at 2. The 2 teams ahead of Toronto lost, so the Argos move up. Montreal and Calgary won, so hard to flip the Stampeders ahead of Montreal, especially with Calgary having an extra loss and Montreal having a superior point differential.

Oddly, I have no major objections here. How boring.:thinking:

"Rise of the Redblacks", whatever, further proof what a joke these things are.

My Edmonton Elks now occupy the number 9 spot-"Ouch" I do support the top 3 power rankings. I do believe the crossover is a viable option for the West. You can not predict the East division this year. I will however support my hometown Argos win or lose. :tophat: :three: :gem:Hugh Campbell

Don't worry were going on a win streak to win GC we will finsh 2nd in the rankings

With their next two games against the Bombers Edmonton is actually 2-7.