Power Rankings: The Bombers' strike back

TORONTO — Last week, we (perhaps foolishly) spoke of the second tier of the Power Rankings being up for grabs.

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You guys all knew this would happen…


Interesting that the REDBLACKS would drop after a win :laughing:


Proofreaders? We don’t need no stinkin’ proofreaders!!!


Not bad for a bunch of over the hill geriatrics! :thinking:


I just celibrate my birthday on the day of the rider victory.
How can the CFL allow to stupidly to continue on this stuff.

The Bombers in first is a joke. On what basis?

  1. The Bombers have 2 losses, the Argos only 1.

  2. The Bombers have 12 points as do the Argos. But the Argos have played 1 less game.

  3. The Bombers have a +79 point differential. The Argos have a +82 point differential - even with the Argo loss & Winnipeg thrashing of BC.

  4. The Argos only loss came without Kelly for most of the game. The Bombers 2 losses came with coughing up one hairball to a 1 win team in the 4th quarter playing with their top 2 QB’s missing, not to mention getting thrashed in their own building.

  5. Their winning % vs the Lions is .500, despite playing both games at home. The Argos are batting 1.000 vs BC

  6. The Bombers are +12 vs the Lions in their matches. The Argos have outscored BC by 21 - vs their #1 QB. IOW the BC Lions & Bombers exchanged thrashing IN Wpg. The Argos thrashed the Lions & have lost to neither one.

  7. The Bombers win came vs the Lions’ #2 QB in for less than a half & #3 for the rest of the game. The Argos thrashed the Lions with their #1.

The Argos are the GC champs & to date have the best winning %. They are still the #1 team in the league. Way too much respect is given to the GC losers built on past reputation & too little to the Argos based on 2023 results.

Complete nonsense.

It wouldn’t say that because VA is out of the lineup, it led Winnipeg to the domination victory that they had. Yes, that did play a factor in the BC vs. Winnipeg game last week, but not all.
BC’s tired defence just played a fully rested Bombers offence; that had a big impact in the game on Thursday. The BC Lions defence got the door shut on them at IG Field on Thursday because the Bombers (coming from a die-hard bomber fan) were coming off of 13-days to prep whereas the Lions played 2 games in 5 days?

All things aside, the Bombers Offence just proved that they still have the power to dominate and compete with the other highly-ranked teams in this league. Wouldn’t consider Bomber days over, they’re still in it and the Bye week rest just laid the case.


NOT saying at all that VA being out was the difference. Coming off a bye week, teams this year are 9-1 so that is also a factor. But a dominant victory over BC does not merit a jump to #1 for multiple reasons.

The argument given above for demoting them is it “spotlighted the lack of depth @ QB for Toronto”. Well what’s new? How many starts has Dru Brown got? Secondly, what has that got to do with week 9? Who’s to say, with or without Kelly the Argos are going to lose next week? The rating shouldn’t be based upon conjecture on what’s happening next week or the one after that or the one after that. The Bombers & their MOP Collaros already laid one goose egg @ home with only 2 FG’s from ST’s & couldn’t produce a single point in the 4th Qtr vs a 4th string QB who blew them up for 19 points. Hardly compares to the one Argo loss. The Bombers deserve 2nd place, nothing to be embarrassed about. But #1? Let’s not get carried away. Other than that, they got it right.

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The power ranking are not the standings. That’s not how they work. That Toronto lost decidedly against a much lower team should automatically knock them down every single time. Grey Cup champs has absolutely zero to do with power rankings.


Gotta agree with you on this one. Honestly surprised they ranked us ahead of BC.

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BC played 2 games in 6, not 5 days. When enumerating a total number, you count the first & last values in the set: Saturday (1), Sunday (2), Monday (3), Tuesday (4), Wednesday (5), Thursday (6).

Five days apart, yes. But two in 6 days.

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First, remember these are meaningless. It’s the equivalent of bar talk.
Second, they probably weigh it heavily on recent games, not the overall body of work.


@pantsonfire , have to thank you for your salty posts this morning, went great with my BFast!

I have to say, I’m surprised you don’t agree with the rankings (well then again it favoured WPG so I shouldn’t be), you’ve had a pretty good understanding of how power rankings work.

Your points are laughable, its not about who has 1 more loss on the season, or how many points. Thats called the standings.
It’s not even about point diff, but it is about your 4th point: Kelly being hurt.

The rankings have been pretty much exactly as they should all year. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Hope this doesn’t ruin your week! :smiley:


Dispute any of the points I have raised with actual facts. Otherwise, just the blustering I’ve grown to expect from Bombino Hall. Giving away games in the 4th Qtr & rolling zeros at home on offence is something the Elks have made an art form. Seems Winnipeg is equal to the task in their 2 losses. That’s something the Argos haven’t done.

Nothing to do with the standings. One strong effort the past week isn’t enough to wash away those poor efforts. But then again, throwing games late in the 4th Qtr is something you learned last Novermber, no? Some of you STILL can’t grasp you weren’t 1st then. Sorry, can’t help you there. :sunglasses:

Oh pants…

You wanna go by results of a common opponent? CGY handled Tor, and WPG handled CGY. WPG beat both Mont & Edm more easily than Tor did.
Ridiculus arguement, right? That is not how power rankings are done my friend.

Being the reigning champs also has no impact at this point. What does have impact is the return of starters that wre out for a good chunk of the season.
Lawler makes this offence SCAREY, as the “best D in the league” found out. And thats an offence that already has put up 40+ points twice without him this year.

Add Jeffcoat, Wilson, Rose & Houston all back and the Bombers are riding high & firing on all cylinders. There is no team as scarey right now as of today, and that is why they are #1.

But you can relax, still lots of season to play out. :smiley:


You mistake me for Jon, Blue. He’s the one constantly coming up with common opponents. No, I get it, it hurts. I would never expect a Bombino to accept the Argos as a better team. Some of you lot, I won’t mention names, are still in full denial that the Argos won the Cup. :rofl:

Um, your point #5-7 are all based on a common opponent. And ridiculus.

I am still in denial that we lost the Final by a missed convert, yes.

I did accept Tor as a better team throughout weeks 4-8, just as you need to accept WPG better as of today.


If I said Toronto is 2nd best, then we’d both be wrong.:sunglasses:

Disagree without getting personal, folks. Don’t make me tap the Code of Conduct sign.