Power Rankings: The Bombers are coming for the top spot

TORONTO — At the end of a dominant defensive showing that quadrupled Cody Fajardo‘s season total for interceptions and handed the Saskatchewan Roughriders their first loss of the season, Willie Jefferson decided that he wasn’t done yet.

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So how did my Lions manage to drop 2 spots by not playing? Montreal bolts forward 4 spots with a single win? Not much creditability here ,I think they're throwing darts at a CFL dartboard.

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The first two picks are fine. My Edmonton Elks deserve to be in the number 3 spot in my humble opinion. :thinking: :top: :three: :gem: :football: :canada:

You're assuming these rankings actually have meaning. They don't.

I thought the Stamps would be higher!!!

I know but I still thought there might be some form of logic involved. Silly me.

It's "weekly" power ratings - I would have put Edmonton ahead of Sask with their performance.

The top 4 teams at the beginning of the season are back at the top again. Now if we can just get a Grey Cup repeat all will be well with the universe. :smiley: :+1:

EDM lost @ home to OTT
They are going to have to win vrs WPG and SSK to move up farther

Edm & SK don't play till week 14 & 15, so you need other criteria than their head to head. In the West currently only the Bombers & Elks have not lost to Western opponents. I think the rankings are pretty good this week. Teams are still searching for their identities at this point. Bombers have fewer changes than most so are getting there a bit earlier. I'm sure BB fans held their collective breath when Zac went out for a play. Long way to go. No Cup favourites yet.

Toronto should drop off near the bottom with Ottawa. They weren't in that game until it was garbage points at the end. Its weird that BC went down even though they didn't play. In most cases the bye team doesn't move as a precedent. Calgary should be higher because their games have been close including this week. Montreal, I'm digging them, but they are being boosted too far, too fast. Finally, I don't care where you put Hamilton and Edmonton but they should be 3rd and 4th however you want to place them. Anything less from them this week is wrong.

The Lions can’t get no respect because they have struggled for like 3 years… given.

But our new post 2020 team is a re-start and we deserve more respect than 5th out of 5 teams sitting at 2 and 2.

I guess we will have to move up the power rankings the old fashioned way and earn it.

Roar You Lions Roar


I believe the Lions have the talent to do much better than they have for the last few years
I guess we’ll see…..

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Ottawa DBs made Vernon Adams look good last week, tomorrow night they will make Reilly and the Lions look good and a chance to move up.
Fans will be happy for a week

You have to take into account the opponent for the week. Riders played the best team in the league while the Elks played the worst team in the league.

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