Power Rankings: The Blue and Gold support group

TORONTO — It’s a club that doesn’t officially exist in the CFL but it might be helpful one, considering that it’s growing.

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Of course these bandwagon jumpers are all over the Bombers now and dumping on Sask. as usual. Nothing ever changes with this tsn clown posse.

I'm not even inclined to argue here, but do think the bottom half of the rankings could alter radically after this weekends games.


Bandwagon on the Bombers? Dude they are back to back champs and currently 5-0. LoL your jealousy makes you sound moronic. Also,
they didn't dump on Sask. Although with players like Marino they should. Stop being so sensitive. Do you new to go to a GenZ sensitivity class?? LoL!


Just to clear the air... we Bomber fans have plenty of room for 'Bandwagon Jumpers' thanks to our recent Spring Cleaning initiative down here at Bomber HQ. You wouldn't believe the stuff we threw out. Chris Walby's old lunchbag was taking up half the fridge before some keen eyed observer noticed it yesterday (it was moving on its own).

All you new Bomberfans are now welcome (just remember to leave your $50 initiation fee in a plain brown envelope addressed to me behind the main stadium dumpster). :smiley: :+1:

And still #1, how many weeks now @ Jon?

If Stamps & Sask win this week, I'd have it a 4 way tie for 1st. Very little seperating the 4 West teams right now.

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I hope the East wins Something. Soon. This is getting ridiculous.

Listen to yourself one moment told the guy that he is going to GenZ sensitivity class and in the same breath you mentioned players like Marino . Bill baker put out 2 QB’s in one game it was called old school tough football so ya looks like you are taking the exact same GenX sensitivity class

19 in a row. I did post it somewhere on another thread but can’t remember where offhand.


Thats it?? Man, it must have taken awile for them to put us over Hamilton/Calgary, and that is the exact reason why some should be hesitant to bump us down for another flavour.

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19 weeks at number one is a pretty good stat... :grin:

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Marino is an embarassment to the Sask organization. Your comment of Bill Baker (?) taking out 2 QBs in one game is sad. Idiots who play the game to injure opponents are just that, idiots. It's not old school tough football. Have some class man.


@Ron1: Careful now, you might get those Rider fans upset when you mention any knocks against their precious Rider club. The decision from the League isn't out yet and some are still denying Marino did anything wrong.

The Invinci-Blue are revealed! His Worship, Mayor Buck Pierce cast aside the cloak of blue smoke and unleashed the almighty BB playbook for all to witness, and to fear! Avert your eyes, pretenders, lest ye be blinded! Sir Ritchie Hall did not feed his D-men warriors for 5 days, and they ravaged upon the helpless! And, oh ya...riders pthhht!


We could very easily be looking at three teams tied with a 4-1 record in the West after this weekend. I have a feeling that Friday's game is going to outstanding with both clubs having a lot of high end and winning pedigree. No better atmosphere than at IG field and sure hope to see 30,000 plus screaming fans

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Dumping on Sask? It's an easy thing to do when you only win 4 cups in more than a century. Besides, Sask fans do a great job of dumping on their own...... Got manure?


Hard to argue with the rankings this week. Make a lot of sense. :sunglasses:

Yes, the medieval approach to football is sometimes the best. We saw that last season when the Bombers laid siege to London (Ontario's 4th CFL franchise) under very generous 'surrender or die' terms of engagement. Well we KNOW what happened there.

Oh I see the GenX sensitivity training only applies to your narrative

I've always thought Rider fans were among the best of the League. I can't tell you how disappointed I was in those fans that cheered Marino. Sask fans are better than that. The Sask organization doesn't need the likes of Marino, period.