Power Rankings - that's more like it

More respect given to the Cats by TSN:




Looks reasonable.

I like what Lefko wrote at Sportsnet.ca,

"Played their hearts out and suffered a cruel defeat against Saskatchewan. It was the right defence, just a fluke play that yielded huge yardage. The Tiger-Cats have displayed some grit this year with Jesse Lumsden healthy and mowing over bodies.
Tony Miles is giving quarterback Casey Printers a dependable target. How the Tiger-Cats are able to bounce back from this loss will determine a lot. They have certainly shown some moxy and pluck in the last two games after a terrible opener.

That's mostly because Lefko hates the Riders for some reason.

Where do you see any disrespect to the Riders in what Lefko said?

"A fluke play that yielded huge yardage".

I would have put the top 3 at

1 Calgary
2 Montreal
3 Saskatchewan

the rest were fine.

well, ‘fluke’ doesn’t make it sound too good. I’ll give you that.

I think what he means is that it was a play not meant for 60 yards that turned into 60 yards. That’s all.

I don’t think any disrespect was intended.

Of course not.

It's a fluke because most of the time that play would be a marginal gain.

Full credit to the play and subsequent TD and victory, but I'm sure they were playing a safe ball control strategy to set up a game winning field goal. So yes, there was a degree of luck involved in that a 6 yard pass play in that game situation resulted in a 60 plus yard game winning gain with 30 seconds left.