Power Rankings: Table runners and trail blazers

TORONTO — For the first time since 1996, per Steve Daniel, the CFL’s senior director of game information and statistics, the playoff picture has come together with a full week to spare.

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Can someone please explain this to me, I seem a little slow today.

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Coffee..anyone? Is it free at CFL.ca? Double espresso please.

Math, sentence structure, facts..they all seem to elude the CFL.ca staff.

th..th..that’s all folks. No more rankings for the year.

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It's the Metric System.

When CFL.ca Staff refer to 'all eight playoff bound teams' they're actually referring to 'all six playoff bound teams'. If you're confused just use this simple American to Canadian Football Metric conversion equation like I do to see the numbers correctly:



They never said there were eight playoff-bound teams. They said there are eight teams playing this week, which is true because there are four games. But because the playoff match-ups are already decided, none of those four games mean anything so every team can sit or play whoever they want.


Maybe we'll see Ottawa and Saskatchewan play like we've never seen them play before... well.

Just food for thought ….. players in Regina who are returning next year may want to ensure changes ….. they kinda have something to NOT play for