Power Rankings: Statement games at the top

TORONTO — One week into the 2023 season, a couple of teams have given us reason to think of the late, great Dennis Green.

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Sorry, I know that I am not responding to this article - BUT… can I ask whose idea was it to have CFL games on a Sunday night? No. I am not a religious person - but I do have my own Sunday night schedule - for over 70 years it never included watching CFL football. How many games are scheduled for this time frame? Hopefully we are not following the Americans on this - if this is what we had to trade for CBS coverage - forget it!

How can you power rank a team with one win no losses below a team that’s lost and one that hasn’t played, especially since they also won their 2 exhibition games?

Don’t fret these rankings. These power ranking mean nothing logically this early. I figure it is just how the author of these rankings feel but does include his/her biases. When it hits the middle of the season the rankings often show more logically where teams stand.

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A little early for these useless things isn’t it?

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First 2 real games used to be pre-season till they figured nobody went to preseason. I’ll take it serious when each has played 5 games and got rid of the cobwebs. Can any team throw the Eskimoes a QB, Sheesh.

Looks pretty good, but I’d swap Edm & Mont

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Mine would be

  1. Winnipeg
  2. BC
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Toronto
  5. Montreal
  6. Hamilton
  7. Calgary
  8. Edmonton
  9. Ottawa.

First 2 are self explanatory.

I have Saskatchewan at 3 because I think their win over the Elks is better than not playing. Toronto over Montreal because that Montreal vs Ottawa game was a defensive struggle and Toronto offence will be more potent.

The rest are based off how I think the team as a whole preformed in their respective loses compared to the opponent they lost too. Feel free to pick away at it.

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Why does the Riders end up tied with the Lions for second place…. because they beat the Elks at home? Doesn’t everyone?

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I always shake my head at you guys who can’t tell the difference between the power rankings and the standings.

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I understand how you get there but I think they generally like to not move teams with a bye up or down (and if a team on a bye moves down, you should see the complaining from their fans).

Ok so when I go to edit it’s a 3 beside Saskatchewan and everything is in a line and in order. :man_shrugging:

fixed it. don’t use brackets ) and put a space after the period when using numbered bullets.


Will do. Thanks

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I agree with this

I think these Power Rankings are perfectly accurate.

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Gee, one would think they do not use Logic but consult a broken owiji board.
But that thought cannot be right :thinking:

Actual Power Rankings