Power Rankings: Stamps making up ground

I live here too and gotta disagree. Had seasons for 25 years, many of them lean years. Know many others who did as well. Bombers lead the league in attendance or are second to Sask year in and year out. It’s true that the population supports the Jets more. I’ve never been able to figure out why and they are certainly perennially losers.

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The last few years the Bombers attendance might be great but that's not what I'm talking about. Go down the street and see how many are loud and proud Bombers fans and it's so much less when they aren't winning. The core fans are passionate but there are way too many that are only "fans" because they have been winning. I've seen many people wearing the gear and if you try to talk about anything beyond absolutely superficial about the team you're met with blank stares.

Isn’t that the case with any team in almost any sport? That is, there are hardcore fans, passionate fans, casual fans and bandwagon jumpers? I think you could say the same thing about Saskatchewan and Hamilton.


You throw a fit, then put the Stamps at #1? :rofl:

By what metric do you put them there? I mean they are 2-0 and could get to #1 soon, but they sure haven't looked any better than Sask & WPG, both of who were on top before the season and rightfully still.

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Any team gains fans during good years and losses them in bad years, thats just how it goes. Our fanbase is a pretty passionate bunch I think!


CGY rated high.
RB rated low.