Power Rankings: Some respect on the Lions' name

It’s not up to me but I doubt it. You’ll have to take that up with the powers that be.

Last week some of us tried to guide you to the right thread. Although you didn’t post on that thread, through the efforts of others besides me you received credit for last week’s picks. Just make sure you post your picks on the thread Maaax directed you to. We can’t expect those tabulating results to scour various threads to obtain picks from everyone.

Good luck!


You can play with whatever you want... just don't do it on your cel phone and share it with the ladies. :grin:

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Your picks were entered before the games, right? Even if they were in the wrong thread, I don't see a problem with counting them.


Ace Guy will have to answer this.

Last week I know that a few of us tried to make sure Ace Guy’s picks were on the proper thread and I believe Discipline eventually posted them for him on the correct thread so we can certainly vouch for Ace last week.

Before that time I have no knowledge as to where he may have posted his picks or if he did.

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I have been a member of CFL Pick'em since Day 1-2017. My current ranking is 390th after Week 3. 11-1 record or 92% for 2,430 points. Thanks for all the loyal support & Best of luck in Week number 4 :canada: :football:

You have my vote. Albeit I'm a bottom feeder. Votes should come from the top 15 people in my opinion, they have the best chance to win a prize

First place.... Brand new Tesla Model X

Second place...all expenses paid "2 week vacation" anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area ( GTA )

Third place....a fine, "At-A-Boy" from the rest of us loosers.

Last year I was so low, people just spat at me.:woozy_face:


Given the second place prize it would have been more appropriate for 3rd place to receive 2 all expenses paid vacations to the GTA.

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