Power Rankings: Some rare calm water

TORONTO — After a three-week stretch that saw three different No. 1 teams in the CFL.ca Power Rankings, we have a semblance of stability as we wade into Week 6.

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TO should be 3rd, Winn, BC a toss up for 1&2–TO has played only 3 games… Maybe Ottawa should call BC for Dane Evans.

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BC got beaten by a 3 TD score by Toronto so they rightfully belong on top. Can’t criticize them for only playing 3 games. That’s the schedule. And a toss-up between BC & Winnipeg when BC trounced the Bombers in IGF? What are you thinking? This is 2023, not the 2022 season.

No argument from me. IMO nailed it this week.

I agree with you that the rankings for the top 3 are fine as of now but come at it from a little different angle. I also don’t get very excited about the rankings and don’t take them seriously. To my knowledge there is little science behind them and they are posted more as a result of eyeballing things rather than using weighted stats in whole or in part as say golf or tennis do.

I agree that Toronto should be #1 even though they have only played 3 games (and what’s up with that?). They blew out BC and BC blew out Winnipeg although none of this will actually matter when they meet again, especially if it is in the playoffs.

Unfortunately Winnipeg can’t weigh in against Toronto until very late in the season in a game that may turn out to be meaningless for one or both teams. Winnipeg does play BC again shortly so we will probably see whether the first game was a one off aberration for Winnipeg or a true sign of a shift in power in the West. It’s too early in my opinion to make long term predictions based on very few early games, especially in the CFL.

If Toronto loses to Montreal this week do they drop to 3rd in the rankings? Winnipeg handled Montreal with ease with there never even a moment when it looked like Montreal could win that game.

The BC/Montreal game was much closer and BC was at home and Winnipeg played them on the road. On the game thread it was unanimous that the refs gassed the pick 6 call which resulted in a 14 point swing that should have never happened. If the call had been reversed or not made in the first place, as also pointed out on the game thread, the score would have been and should have been 24-23 BC after three quarters with the stats a virtual dead heat. That’s a very close game and there is also no way to predict the outcome of a game with such an egregious 14 point swing on a blown call and how a different momentum might have affected the final outcome. As it turned out BC was full value for their win in the fourth quarter but the result could have been very different if they weren’t playing with the artificial lead they were given.

I would also be concerned if I were BC with the inconsistency of Adams who effectively threw 7 interceptions in just over four quarters of play. The superior QB situation so far in Winnipeg and Toronto is another factor I would weigh in although I doubt that has been done.

It’s all just coffee table discussion anyway and is meaningless when it counts. In a few weeks everything could look very different and I don’t put too much stock in any one game.


There are 3 top level teams in the league - Toronto, BC & Wpg so the weighting among these 3 is more dependent on their games. Wpg handled Mtl who has 2 wins - against Ottawa, sans Masoli, & Hamilton. Beating SK who has 3 wins, 2 near wins vs the Elks they probably didn’t deserve to win & Calgary who has only beaten Ottawa. No one of the top 3 should be leapfrogging the other 2 based upon beating up on the minnows. If the Argos lose to Mtl in an upset, I don’t see how beating Ottawa is enough to move Wpg up, a much worse opponent with the QB situation. Mtl is at least capable of beating a top tier team. BC beat the Bombers by more than a 3 TD score @IGF for bragging rights & then lost by 3 a 3 TD score to the Argos. I don’t think anything this week changes the order in the top 3 in my book.

I’d have to agree. I’ve called the order for the past few weeks. It really does matter who you play, beating a top team gives you more “power”.
If Tor did lose to Mont (which is entirely possible) I think it’d be as close to a 3 way tie as possible though regardless of who is placed 1-3.
If these top 3 teams keep winning, I’m fine with WPG being 3rd until the big rematch on Aug 3rd. That will decide top spot.