Power Rankings Shaking Out Finally?

Okay.... things are finally starting to shake out. The pts. for and against for each team help suggest appropriate rankings. So, before everyone else gives it a shot-

I'll go with:


There is still the likelihood that any team can beat any other team... but now it's starting to look like - for the middle ranked teams - that isn't because of overall strength but due to the matchups of individual units between the teams playing.

Calgary looks like it has turned the corner and integrated its younger players with the veteran core from last year. I predict that they move ahead in the west.

The next 3 (at least) are 'pick-ems' (Sask. fans may put their team ahead of Hamilton and who can say that they're wrong... really.... it's only the for-against that may give a nod to the 'Cats) with BC coming on finally and Winnipeg showing the ability to overcome the circus atmosphere and put one together here and these. Toronto is sad.

My take.

personally I'd have Saskatchewan in 3rd right now, not Hamilton...

Funny.... I was inserting an edit while you were posting.

You take all that from one set of games on the weekend? I think Montreal is coming back to the pack as usually happens for some reason, Toronto is a train wreck, and the rest of the teams are a pick-em any week (though Winnipeg is somewhat weaker). I don't necessarily disagree with your rankings but I think from 2-6, it is anyone's game right now with Winnipeg in 7th but just barely.

The only change I would make is to put BC above Edmonton. With the pathetic showing Edmonton had today, I don't think they deserve to be that high, and BC not only beat the #1 team in the league, we did it without allowing a single offensive TD.

I can't argue too much with those rankings. It was nice to have Edmonton at #2 for a while, but I think maybe people jumped the gun on them. This team has major issues on defence. Just look at our last two wins. We beat Calgary 38-35. Why? Ricky Ray and Fred Stamps. Then we beat Hamilton 31-30. Why? Ricky Ray. Edmonton was looking good because of some last minute heroics from Ricky Ray. ... But we can't keep relying on him to bail us out game after game. The defence needs to step up. It needs to get stops. The one somewhat "bright spot" for Edmonton was its run defence, but that was blown to hell tonight. Calgary ran all over us for 200 yards. Lotta work for this team, and we have a short week. The rematch should definitely be interesting.

I guarantee the west'll be decided on the last week again this year. Its going to be a close one to the very end.

From what I've seen, week by week means nothing as far as a team's ability goes. Winnipeg destroys BC with the run but then goes cold against the RIders (with a supposedly weak run D) while the Lions stuff the Als. Wouldn't really surprise me to see polar opposite results in next weekend's games (though I must admit have very little faith the Argos can correct much of anything right now).

Your Joking right to put BC ahead of Edmonton, BC only won because of a uninterested MTL team and a blown call by the Officials .

There was no blown call. The clock reset was a mistake, but the real mistake occurred because the crowd was too loud...and there's nothing wrong with that.

Emonton scored in garbage time today, the Stamps embarrassed them even worse than we were embarrassed, so yeah, BC belongs ahead of the Schmoes based on this week's performance.

I sure hope you don't mean Calgary embarrassed Edmonton worse than Winnipeg embarrassed B.C...

The Officials already admitted to screwing up the call in BC . not knocking the LIons as they played well but they did get lucky on that series.

I was thinking the exact same thing

[ol]- Montreal (last week 1): My Als did nothing to keep this spot. However, nobody did quite enough to take it from them.

  • Saskatchewan (last week 3): Impressive win piling up offense against a tough Winnipeg D.
  • Calgary (last week 4): More in line with what everyone expected of them at the start of the season.
  • Edmonton (last week 2): Jim Daley’s defense can’t seem to stop anyone.
  • Hamilton (last week 5): How much more polished does the offense look with Glenn at the controls? Bruce is the playmaker the team needs and other receivers like Stala are starting to find their niche.
  • B.C. (last week 8 ): The officiating fiasco aside, the Lions held a good offense in check for most of the game and corrected some problems on defense. However, this is still not a very good football team.
  • Winnipeg (last week 6): Regression week. This team can’t seem to string two strong games together.
  • Toronto (last week 7): Forget winning a game at home. If the Boatmen finish the season with more than 5 wins total, it will be a miracle.[/ol]

My rankings:

  1. [1]Montreal. The loss was not enough to drop them out of first, though they are closer to the rest of the pack now.
  2. [3]Hamilton. More like 2a. Big win on Labour Day against one of the league's have-nots.
  3. [4]Saskatchewan. More like 2b. Big win on Labour Day weekend against the other of the league's have-nots.
  4. [2]Edmonton. Awful loss to the Stamps drops them out of second place.
  5. [6]Calgary. Big win on Labour Day moves them up a spot. Inconsistency keeps them from moving to 4th, for now.
  6. [7]B.C. Win against the Als moves them up a spot. Not past the Stamps, though, who also won this week.
  7. [5]Winnipeg. A sound beating in Regina returns them to #7. Powerful D and strong running game, but still a have-not team.
  8. [8]Toronto. 2-7, and manhandled by the Ticats. Andrus (or his replacement) seems destined to get that #1 pick next year.

...BD, I beg to differ....inconsistency for Calgary?....aside from the fact they have the same record as the apparently non-inconsistent three teams you pegged above them (one they absolutely dismantled) they have won three of their past five games, and the two they lost were by a combined score of.......wait for it.....four points....

...but whatever, cool beans, I just wanted to rant a bit...