Power Rankings: Second tier up for grabs

TORONTO — The topic came up on the TSN panel during the weather delay on Sunday night’s game, coincidentally, as these rankings were being mulled about over here at CFL.ca.

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SSK Roughriders lost - 1 int TD, one punt return TD by Toronto and SSK missed one 3 yard line TD. If you add the numbers, SSK is winning :slight_smile:
SSK Couches should plan well so that the yards turn into points. Kicker is Key for such situations and Lauther is not fully fit. SSK should win next game if they hope for a playoff.
Hamilton should invest for a QB if they want to stay contenders.
Next BC vs WPG game should be interesting.

where is Sask. gonna get a qb? bring back Lancaster? Maybe engineer a deal for Cornelius?

How is Calgary ahead of Hamilton and Saskatchewan in this.

If you want to say beating harder competition fine but how come Ottawa is ranked ahead of Calgary and Saskatchewan while they got handed by Hamilton. I don’t like the ticats but it is just ridiculous.

They are 6 tiers of teams
S+ tier: Argos ( no explanation needed )
S tier : Winnipeg and bc ( both been playing great football )
B tier : the rest of the east ( not really overpowered but also not super trash )
B- tier : Saskatchewan ( kind of just discount east
D - tier : Calgary ( cant buy a win )
Edmonton tier : Edmonton


I don’t necessarily agree with this, but I did laugh out loud at SSK being “discount east.” :smiley:

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What do you necessarily disagree with.

I think we have three tiers.

Tier 1: TOR, WPG, BC. Toronto has the unbeaten streak, but they’ve also been lucky at times. Any one of these teams could beat the other two on a given day. Winnipeg maybe slightly more vulnerable due to age and complacency but still formidable. The Lions don’t have Chad Kelly but their defense is substantially better than Toronto’s.
Tier 2: MTL, HAM, OTT, CGY, SSK. Middle tier. We’ll see how many of these units have .500 or better records at season’s end, but right now, it’s kind of a free-for-all.
Tier 3: EDM. Giving off strong 2003 Hamilton Tiger-Cats vibes and that ain’t a good thing.


I see it as 4 tiers

#1 all teams.making the playoffs. Toronto , Winmipeg and BC

#2 - should make the playoffs - montreal and Calgary

#3 - only one of this group will make the playoffs - Hamilton, Ottawa, Riders

And #4 - already in next season mode - Edmonton

In reality tiers 3 and 4 ( we will call.them the next.qb up clans ) are interchangeable … one of the 4 will.make the playoffs just by showing up

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Oh just a sec… a fifth tier has just materialized:

‘East Coast Collective’ (or whatever you wanna call it).

3DownNation has ranked the Atlantic Schooners at #9 ahead of the Elks who now fall to #10.


I am not too sold in Calgary while Hamilton and Ottawa have been very good recently which imo means they are currently a step above.

This year from the looks of it could be the first time in a while the east does a crossover to the west. Which would be very interesting if it happens.


It’ll probably be nippy as heck. The crossover team would likely journey to Winnipeg during a cold snap on our frozen tundra to face us in the semi-final… unless we finish first.

Then the crossover team could look forward to basking in the warmth of a British Columbia fall day where they’ll face the 2nd place Lions. Mind you, the crossover team WILL have to apply adequate sunscreen or risk sunburn. There’s always that risk.


You’re obviously not a skier, Maaax. You should be sloshing on the sunscreen on the frozen tundra too. You don’t want to get “burnt” in the playoff game. :smiley:


I think those who did the power rankings didn’t overlook Calgary’s upcoming plight. I see them right now as probably closer to the Elks than any team in the middle tier. They are 2-5 and play Toronto, BC, Winnipeg and Toronto again their next 4 games. After that stretch a 2-9 record is a distinct possibility and 3-8 might be realistically the best they can expect. If Saskatchewan wins even a couple of games during that stretch Calgary’s season might effectively be over before the schedule makers give them a break.


I will say this and no more…one of the truest adages in sports is DEFENCE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Having said that any system that gives weight to anything other than defence is likely inaccurate.

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I agree Bill, offence is great. But having said that I don’t feel cheated when I watch a pick 6 or any interception, a kick return for points or a substantial gain, a sack, perfectly timed defence against a long reception by the opposition, a punt forcing a team inside their 10 or a forced fumble.

I love watching Rhymes score on a long reception but I find the play of Betts, Lokombo, Lee and even Whyte makes for pretty exciting football.

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tier 1
:argonauts: Toronto Argonauts
:bclions: BC Lions
:bombers: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

tier 2
:als_red: Alouettes de Montréal
:riders: Saskatchewan Roughriders
:tigercats: Hamilton Tiger-Cats
:redblacks: Ottawa REDBLACKS

tier 3
:stamps: Calgary Stampeders
:elks: Edmonton Elks


also, the gap between tier 1 and 2 is much larger than between tiers 2 and 3. any one of those middle teams could easily slide down there with the alberta teams.


I still think Montreal is clearly in 4th place, so much so that I’d have them in a tier of their own.
Tor/BC/WPG Hopefully WPG leapfrogs BC this week


can’t wait for the Lions - Bombers game. too bad VA isn’t playing but i do t see much different between he and Evans other than he runs more than the latter does.