Power Rankings: Say hello to the Green guys

TORONTO — You could be forgiven if a few weeks back you thought that the OK Tire Labour Day Weekend didn’t have much to offer in terms of compelling match-ups.

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Winnipeg are showing signs of old age. Last few games hardly the powerful team in the past. Getting beat this week by a Rider 3rd string QB and Collaros missing the last minute TD that could have won the game for them. OK it was tipped slightly but still Collaros never played that awesome all game. Power Rankings should show that decline.
Still expect Bombers to travel to Hamilton in Nov (although Lions could have something to say) but Argos will get the Cup again. Pretty sure!

“(no one is rooting harder for a split in that Alberta home-and-home than the province of Saskatchewan) and it throws some water on any East Division teams that might have their eyes on what would be the first-ever East crossover.”

For what it’s worth, a Stamp win could put them in the final playoff spot.

As for the rankings the top three deserve to be there. The rest need some long term consistency to join that bunch. Looks like a reasonable assessment for now. Always thought the Stamps were underperforming.

If the Bombers are showing signs of old age, there must be 7 other teams in their rocking chairs or wheelchairs. Calgary has been in a decline since COVID, and there are really no signs of any great prospects. Maybe the Huff/DD show is coming to it’s finale. Even worse for both Calgary and the CFL is the lack of interest and the lack of butts in their stands.

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Every Team have their decline sooner or later. Winnipeg is starting theirs. Last year losing to the Argos was the 1st sign. Remember I told you to get ready for the inevitable!

Some have been declaring this for the 3 past years. At some point you’ll have to be right, but we’ll enjoy the ride until then!


I agree with the CFL power rankings! Think I’ll go buy a lotto ticket…

I don’t know. This is the CFL where contracts are a year at a time and any team can rebuild into a Grey Cup contender or at least be competitive through free agency in a year.

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I don’t know about these rankings, especially with the game changing calls being made by the refs and command center. Several games were decided by the refs. The worst though was the call on Sewell. A short QB ducks and a big lineman makes contact with his helmet after his helmet landed the original blow on the breastplate of the shoulder pads. If that same tackle were made on most other taller QB’s in the league, no problem. That affected the remainder of the game. Maybe the refs should be on top of the power rankings