Power Rankings: Riding into Labour Day Weekend

TORONTO — If it feels like the season just started and we’re already at Mark’s Labour Day Weekend, well, you haven’t lost track of time.

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These rankings are bang on... for now. Can't wait for the Labour Day Classic! :sunglasses:

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I'd believe these rankings if they weren't bouncing all over the place like a yoyo. Early season thing I guess, these experts seem to be having a bit of a hard time pegging down the teams.

Should be some good trash talk for 2 weeks

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I usually hope for a split, but if we catch those Banjo Pickin' inbreds with their tiny brains in the clouds we might take both games before they find out we tipped their cows over. :crazy_face:

So that's why my cows are nervous. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nervous but upright... THAT could change! Bwahahahahaha!!! :yum:

I have the Calgary Stampeders in the number 3 position, with my hometown Argos at number 4 for all it is worth. :joy: :top: :three: :football: :canada:

yup even though the Stamps lost, third place is where they should be... going to be another barn burner west for the top three spots all season now. 4TH PLACE IN THE WEST WILL BE CROSSING OVER AGAIN

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That is perfectly fine with me. I always felt the West division was more dominant than the East Division. I have been a CFL fan for 45 years and counting. :sunglasses: :wc: :top: :canada: :football:

Warren Moon

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