Power Rankings: Riders make a statement

TORONTO — In the wake of a game of the year candidate, the Saskatchewan Roughriders emerged from the pile of bodies around the BC Lions’ goal line with a statement in hand.

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Power rankings on here are bandwagon jumping 101.

There should really be no doubt now that it's 1. The Bombers and 2. The Riders.

It'll be interesting to see how that 1, 2 goes when the Riders get many starters back in a week or two.

No Shaq Evans. No Micah Johnson.

Banjo Bowl had 3 starters out in the secondary.

The Riders had 5 starters out for the season before a game was ever played. They have also managed to add 4 more to that list with most of them not coming back this season. You add the ref factor to the Banjo Bowl and we almost had to dress cheerleaders to finish that game. Go blow you horn Bombers as you won against mostly second and third stringers.

I'm not about to go and bad mouth your Riders but don't think its fair to suggest things would or could have been so different with a few starters out of the games. Remember, the Bombers had their share of injuries as well and played a very young and inexperienced secondary who completely made the Riders offence look pretty ordinary. As well, even though all seems well in Rider land, don't forget that it took a whole lot of things to go the Riders way for them to win last weeks game. They could just as easy be in 3rd place.

No team has been hit harder by injuries this season than Saskatchewan yet they are 5-2. They should grit and determination to drive for a touchdown with 3 seconds left against a team on a 3 game win streak.

The Riders will only get better with the return of key players

Please tell me, how many games has Suitor won for Sask this year? How many plays has he made?

You have 1 GC in 30 years.

Just saying you have had what one good season in 30+ years and you are getting all mouthy about it. Typical Bomber fans. Such insecurity

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Love the back and forth between Bomber fans and Rider fans. As a ticat fan I wish I had some Argo fans to abuse...lol!

Just a couple of quick points...a team can only play the opponent that is on the field...injuries are a part of the game. A win is better than a consolation loss.
Suitor has always bled Rider green ....it makes him bias...but I am ok with that. ...he's a part of the fabric of the league
I think we had the most injuries; with most of offence decimated. We are fortunate to have a good coaching staff and soft part of our schedule (Calgary & Ottawa) so we are 4-3. Hopefully we get healthy and your team (Riders or Bombers)
gets healthy and we see you in the Grey cup.
...and yes 1. Bombers 2. Riders for now.

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BTW Saskatchewan has only won 2 Grey Cup's in 31 years.

The West Division is the best, therefore the Top 3 are right on ! :top: :three: :wc: :canada: :football:

They sure did!

And last night they appeared again on a Columbo episode ('A Bird in The Hand') as the Los Angeles Stallions! They were the best team in the league in 1992!!! :smiley: :+1:

Against the Elks. Not kidding.

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:laughing:.. chill

Right now its a clear gap between 1 & 2. Only way Riders take over 1st is if Bombers lose a couple in a row & Riders win a couple in a row. Looking at their schedules, I'm fairly confident Bombers can hold on.
Hey, nothing wrong with 2nd place - you still win $10 in Monopoly!

Hey if jealous Rider fans didn't create Covid, Bombers would be looking at a 3 peat this year!

Dontcha just love the love on the trash talk


I had to rewind a couple of times to make sure I'd heard correctly... but there they were. A fictional announcer was reading from a script, and he called one team the 'Stallions' and the other team the 'ELKS'. So the Eskimos were renamed the 'ELKS' in an early 1990's Columbo episode almost 30 years before it actually happened!

Prediction: The 'Stallions' will make their CFL debut in Saskatoon as an expansion team within the next decade... after Toronto folds yet again. Winnipeg moves back to the Eastern division AND two Saskatchewan teams play to near sell out crowds for every home game. :grin: