Power Rankings post Week 4

Well, with 4 games played, power rankings are just starting to have some merit...

1 (n/c) - Saskatchewan Roughriders - 4-0, playing complete games. Need to get knocked off to get knocked off.

2 (n/c) - Calgary Stampeders - An amazing comeback, and showing even more depth at QB. Won w/o Hughes. Hopefully one of their top 2 pivots plays next week.

3 (n/c) - BC Lions - The Lions staggered out of the gates, but have gotten better every week. A stingy D, and an O that is starting to get their groove, they are a force to be reckoned with. When will the amazing pass rush of last season kick in, or is it gone with Mitchell?

4 (n/c) - Toronto Argonauts - The O has been shaky, but last week they busted open the playbook and looked leaps improved. They went up against a top caliber D in the Bombers and fed them misdirection to march the ball effectively, helmed by a career outing by Ray...question, will Ray play next week? Their LBs seem consistent, but the DL is not getting the consistent pressure, and the secondary is still questionable, though starting to gel with its 8 new starters.

gets a lil harder from there...

5 (+1) - Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Increasing a spot, more because the Cats had to fall. They have started to show a little life by spreading the ball and rolling out Buck. I would like to see what they can do with Matthews and Watson in the lineup, because the plethora of new receivers last week seemed to clearly limit the playbook and cause confusion. The motion and misdirection of the Argos played havoc, but I do believe that the D will adapt and bounce back. I believe the Bombers will either have a big week after their closed meeting, or heads will roll.

6 (+2) - Edmonton Eskimos - Again, an increase due to other teams failures. The lowest scoring O started to move the ball a bit in week 4. It is good timing to play a struggling Als team next week. Perhaps this will be a catalyst for one of the 2 teams.

7 (n/c) - Montreal Alouettes - It was like they came out for 15 minutes and said 'look what we can do' and then...I just don't know what to say. The positive is that they came out and looked stunning for a quarter, and that is an improvement.

8 (-2) - Hamilton Tiger-Cats - goose-egg.
From best O last season to shut out. A bad D last season is perhaps slightly better this season, but they have still surrendered the most points. They barely stay out of last. So hard to choose between the Cats and the Als here. I think perhaps the Cats should be 8th....yeah...changed my mind...8th.

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  2. Calgary Stampeders
  3. BC Lions
    4)Toronto Argonauts
  4. Ottawa Redblacks
  5. Saskatoon Hilltops
  6. Winnipeg Bluebomers
    8 ) Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  7. Future Atlantic Team
  8. Edmonton PeeWee Team
  9. Edmonton Eskimos
  10. Montreal Birds

[quote="Green Gopher"]1) Saskatchewan Roughriders
2) Calgary Stampeders
3) BC Lions
4)Toronto Argonauts
5) Ottawa Redblacks
6) Saskatoon Hilltops
7) Winnipeg Bluebomers
8 ) Hamilton Tiger-Cats
9) Future Atlantic Team
10) Edmonton PeeWee Team
11) Edmonton Eskimos
12) Montreal Birds[/quote You have the PeeWee team ranked to low!!!! :lol:

gonna stick with the same rankings as previous two weeks. Nothing happened to change anything

Toronto and edmonton could be interchangable, specially with tor injuries, but the there is also reilly's elbow. In the meantime, they have both only lost to top 3 teams.

Hamilton is a team in progress. Still better than the mess that is WPG and the Dead that is MONT. Calvillo looks very tired and discouraged out there on the field.

You forgot the Saskatoon Sirens.

5...insert colour here
6...see above
7...see above
8...see above

Bottom four don't deserve a rank,the way they're playing :oops: :roll: :wink: :thdn:

I'm just shocked at how bad half the league is this year, and they want to expand, when there are not enough quality players to fill out all teams as it is.

Hamilton has been bad for a while, so rebuilding is expected
The Bombers need a new GM
Montreal…the staff may work out in the long run, it may not, either way it is a huge changeover.

I wouldn’t really put that on players so much as management.

The Esks…well, a lot of people (including their staff who were vocal about that) were not expecting to see what they are capable of until about 1/3 through the season, so too early to say.

All other teams are doing okay and up. At this point the diversity is amazing though, but we are only 4 games in. Week 6 on is when teams need to start showing what they are made of…if they can must 2 wins in 6 games, they are sitting okay, as long as the team is coming together…finishing above 500 after that generally gives a good shot at the post season (7 wins over last 12 equating to 9 wins, even at 8 you have a decent shot)

1.(1) Saskatchewan - #1 last week, only undefeated team and beat up on their opponent again. (deja vu)
2.(2) Calgary - 15 horrible minutes redeemed by their final 3 quarters
3.(3) BC - Score flattered Edmonton, BC is slowly putting it together
4.(5) Toronto - The fact I move them up has less to do with the Argos and more to do with how pathetic the 4 below them are (only changed one word from last weeks comments)
5.(4) Winnipeg - Still beat up, they need more games against the bottom 3 until they get healthy
6.(7) Edmonton - Slightly better but not much
7.(6) Hamilton - Shut out! Any other week that would get you 8th but........
8.(8) Montreal - 24 points in the 1st, only 3 points the last 45 minutes and they blew the biggest lead in CFL history. Winnipeg was never this bad last year :lol:

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Calgary
  3. BC
  4. Toronto
  5. Edmonton
  6. Hamilton
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Montreal

right on and far out man :thup: 8)

Edmonton ahead of Winnipeg? On what merit? Edmonton is battling Mtl for the basement of the league. They've scored the fewest points the league and in week 3 their starting QB couldn't even pass for 100 yards in 4 quarters and is the lowest rated QB in the league. I would swap 5 and 7. At least the bombers have the Dline working for em. The thing I like best about the Esks is Crompton. Sure he's played garbage time, but he's got a nice throw and is making good decisions when he does get in.

how about edmonton hasnt lost to a bottom 5 team, while wpg has lost to MTL, and Ham whom Edmonton beat.
how about edmonton giving up 2 less pts playing against superior teams to whom WPG has played.
how about wpg being a team in disarray while edmonton, like hamilton, is a team just working out the kinks.

How about Edmonton only beat Hamilton because of the weather conditions which were a torrential downpour and Edmonton was able to get something out of their run game which Hamilton inexplicably abandoned theirs. When you have weather like that, that type of game is a throwaway with regards to any inferred meaning about a teams quality. To that extent Edmonton's home game vs BC falls in that same category. Even if you keep them in consideration, Edmonton has lost each of their 3 games by more than 10 points. Only 1 of the 3 Winnipeg losses was by more than 10 points and it took Ricky Ray going near perfect to do it. And they had an opportunity to win the other 2, something which could not be said for the Esks. Esks only need some fine tuning? Will you still feel that way when the hapless Als beat them this week? Yes the Esks have had a tougher schedule having played BC twice already and the Riders, but do those losses hold more weight just because of that? I don't think so. They didn't look good losing to the better teams and they'll look equally as bad losing to the bad teams in the east.

Sportsnet: http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/cf ... -the-pack/ (Sask, Cal, BC, Tor, Mtl, Edm, Wpg, Ham)

CBC & TSN don't have them up yet.


  1. Saskatchewan - No offensive turnovers, no points given up at all in their last game. 4-0 on the season. Can't ask for a better start.
  2. Calgary - Forgot to show up for the first quarter, and then made up for it in spectacular fashion. Seem to be running out of quarterbacks, though Mitchell didn't look bad out there. (Then again Montreal was so awful I'm not sure it means anything.)
  3. BC - Could probably be in #2 if Kevin Glenn is injured, but I'm assuming he can play for now. Also not helped by their opposition being pretty weak so far, but I definitely think they're a good team.
  4. Toronto - Best in the East by far, unless Ray is injured for an extended period. Then who really knows, I don't even know the name of the Argos backup QB.
  5. Edmonton - Realistically the bottom four are collectively so lame that you could make a case for any of them being here. I'm going with Edmonton simply because of the quality of the opposition they've been playing. Next two weeks they get Montreal and Hamilton, and I think they can take at least one of those games.
  6. Montreal - Going against the grain with this pick I know, but they had one quarter where they were totally dominant. Then the wheels fell off. Coaching is a real problem, but it seems clear that the players still have enough talent to win games.
  7. Winnipeg - Two weeks in a row before this I gave the Bombers the benefit of the doubt and ranked them fairly high (even ahead of Toronto at one point), and they rewarded me with two losses. One of which against Toronto was pathetic, and the score actually flatters Winnipeg (yay points in garbage time!). Until this team grows an offense that can play above the peewee level, they're going to be running with the bottom feeders.
  8. Hamilton - Speaking of scoring points... it's a special brand of fail to get shut out in the CFL.

And in limited action has looked like he has some potential. Great awareness, solid release and looks like he has a cannon.

[quote="FootbalYouBet"][quote="how about wpg being a team in disarray while edmonton, like hamilton, is a team just working out the kinks.[/quote]

I could care less if someone ranks Edm higher than WPG, like Tridus said the bottom 4 all suck and each could be ranked 5th-8th. But this line here is nothing but complete and utter nonsense. Disarray? :roll:
All Hamilton knows how to do is lose, but somehow they get a pass on here because they can put up points (usually :stuck_out_tongue: ).
They have had a downright terrible defense for the past 2 years, those are some major "kinks". Edm? LOL Sure they played BC & Sask, but they suck just as bad as the other 3 - maybe even worse. We'll see how Edm works out their kinks, because they should be able to only play half a game to beat Montreal, right?

It will be easier to separate the bottom 4 next week. 2-3 looks a heck of a lot better than 1-4.

Agreed, LetsGoBlue. It's hard to say that Winnipeg is in disarray while Edmonton isn't, when Kavis Reed is a Youtube sensation for calling out his team. Is that how the coach of a well organized, disciplined team acts?

Has nothing to do with Mitchell. I think the 2 reasons why the pass rush in BC is fairly weak this season are..

1 - Moving Keron Williams from the end to the inside.
2 - The almost 50/50 split between the 3 and 4 man front. They just don't get any real pressure with only 3 big guys on the line.

As for my rankings...

The first 4 are easy, so no explanations

1 - Sask.
2 - Cal.
3 - BC
4 - Tor.

The next 4 could all be ranked tied for last. Since a few fans of a certain team in the bottom 4 have already gotten worked up by seeing fans rank their team lower than where they think they should be... i'll give short explanations.

5 - Ham. - Of the 4 bottom teams, they were the last to pick up a win.
6 - Edm. - Yes.. i know they've scored the least amount of points, but 2 of their 4 games were in brutal conditions where it's tough to move the ball efficiently. Also, 3 of their 4 games were against tougher western teams.
7 - Mtl. - They may have gone the longest without a win, but they also had to play a strong Cal. team in 2 of their 4 games.
8 - Win. - I know this will cheese a few fans on here off... but if you ask me.. they deserve to be at the bottom. All 4 of their games have been against eastern teams and all they have to show for it is 1 win. And if it weren't for their D and a Mtl. offence that has looked nothing like what we are used to seeing from them... they would 0-4.

You could easily turn your argument around, if not for the Bombers D in week 1 they would be 2-2. Can’t see Hamilton, Edmonton or Montreal even close to winning any of their 3 loses. Order them how ever you like, but I see Winnipeg as a few rungs up the ladder from the gruesome threesome.