Power Rankings post Week 2

1 - from 3 - Saskatchewan Roughriders - Only undefeated club, and knocking off the Stamps who sat ranked 1st. Some concerns were definitely noticed int their secondary, but both lines looked good, and they played a full 60 minutes. Both lines played well, and their pivot had one of the most consistent games of his career.

I saw the Stamps as the top dogs coming into the season in the West, battling with BC...The Riders showed that they are a contender, at least at the moment

2 - from 1 - Calgary Stampeders - Some concerns around Tate, which is too bad, because he had the Stamps poised well in the first half, and marched the ball extremely well. Their D is still great, and they probably have the best ready now backup in the league. It will be an interesting week to see what develops with Tate...hope it is not a distraction.

3 - from 2 - Toronto Argonauts - The Argos don't generally do well on the West coast and the tradition continued. Their D looked pretty good overall, but the lack of ability to establish a running game is fairly concerning...20 yards on 8 carries does not get it done. Their did end up keeping them in the game, and Ray actually had respectable numbers for a bad game. Perhaps a guy like Carr would be a good addition right now?

4 - from 6 - I would put them at 3rd, but I have a hard time moving someone 3 spots, barring some outlandish performance. They are still not the BC Lions of the past couple of years, but they looked a hell of a lot better than in week 1, and I fully believe they will be even better next week. Even with Bighill potentially out, they still have a top notch D, and their O seems to slowly b getting in sync.

5 - from 7 - Winnipeg Blue Bombers - They definitely have the D...bad game or not for the Als, they got a couple of picks off of AC, held him to 121 yard and brought tears to the eyes of whomever needs to scrub his grass stains out...that does not happen a lot. If their line can maintain that pressure, their secondary is going to look amazing...if it struggles, I believe it will be exposed. I still cringe when Buck gets up slow, but he is getting up...I do believe that if he can get a couple more games under his belt that this O will look good, and as Buck's numbers climb, the gaps will open for the run, and finished drives will follow. It is great to see the running game going, even if the yards per carry are not there yet...it was a big concern in week 1.

6 - from 8 - Edmonton Eskimos - This was hard, because they were playing an injury rattled Ti-Cat team, who where missing 2 DE. That said, there OL looked MILES better this week. The development of the OL is a big factor to the Esks season...it should look good in time, and this week has to help them gel, giving up only 1 sack. That also is a huge confidence boost for the Reilly. I am looking forward to seeing if momentum is carried into week 3 when they host the Lions, who will give a full test on that OL, and a secondary that will put Reilly walking on egg shells. Their D still does not seem as strong as last season.

7 - from 4 - Montreal Alouettes - I dropped them a full 3 spots...they just did nothing against the Bombers. Their D looked respectable, put their O struggled and could not adapt to a strong defensive team. Their give an F factor didn't seem to show up on O until 5 or 6 minutes left in the game. At least they still have the best receiver in the game in Green, and AC at QB, so things can be turned around quickly. I have no issues with a HC with no CFL experience, because he is managing the game and his staff, but I fear that the club may have brought in too many new to the CFL coaches and assistants. There are a lot of narrow field strategies being attempted, and while I think this can be a great staff, they need to adapt fast.

8 - from 5 - Hamilton Tiger-Cats - 0-2 and a pretty dismal showing at home. Now, a big issue here is early season injuries..wow are they piling up. This can be a pretty explosive O, but it is understandable that they are struggling with a few guys out. The D was again porous this week...yes, there are guys out, but even with them in I don't know how much better it would have been, I mean 9 yards a rush is huge!

I'd put em:

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Calgary
  3. BC
  4. Toronto
  5. Montreal
  6. Edmonton
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Hamilton

I think the top 3 are easy to call at this point - Sask beat Cal, Cal beat BC, BC beat Tor. Lots of question marks for 5 through 8 on my list. It's just week 2 though, still plenty to get a grasp on.

4th---BC Lions...somehow actually missed putting the team in there lol


I know ham is 0-2, but they lost 2 close games to the two teams I put above them, only because they beat the ticats.

and its really isnt a measure of a team when they play in such a heavy rain.


  1. sask - pains me to say this but they look for real after 2 weeks
    2.calgary - lost to sask, didnt look terrible, only hefney looked terrible
    3.bc - should prob be below winnipeg but…
    4.wpg (they are first in the east) very good D, average Offence
    5.toronto - not that impressive this past week, also beat a bad ticats team week 1
    6.mtl - their D is ok, their O sure sucked tho
    7.edm - got lucky against a very very bad hamilton defence
    8.ham - awful defence, they legit SUCK.

sorry but again anyone who puts winnipeg behind edmonton or hamilton arent really paying attention

Ham and Edm are the worst teams in the league, just somebody had to win that game. the team that maybe sucked less one.

Based on the 2 weeks to date:

Sask - looked good after 2 weeks, but padded stats against a terrible Edm team.

WPG/BC/Cal/Tor - Winnipeg in second because their D will give them a chance against any team, and they very probably should be 2-0

Mont - Going through major growing pains, dissention in the ranks. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

Edm - is there a more boring team to watch? Distant 4th in the West.

Ham - How can a team routinely suck for so long, and yet still be odds on favs during the offseaons? The defensive issues must have been Creehan, right? :lol:

Saskatchewan - haven't lost yet.
Calgary - beat the team below.
BC - beat the team below.
Toronto - lost this week, as they always do in Vancouver.
Winnipeg - 10 turnovers through 2 games? i can't see them winning many games like that.
Montreal - lost to the team above, even when given 5 turnovers. they don't look right at all.
Edmonton - beat the team below.
Hamilton - haven't won yet. can't play in bad weather.

i'm looking forward to the tiger-cats hosting the bombers. i want to see which of these lower-half teams is better head-to-head. if winnipeg plays clean football, they should take it. but, will Fantuz be back for hamilton? it can't rain on game-day again, can it?

....As my old coach used to say'''weather conditions are NO excuse for bad play, BOTH teams have to play in it.. :wink: ...It will be a very telling game, one that will indicate which team has improved, regressed or wants to keep everyone guessing......I don't get the remark that somehow infers Bombers play dirty football.... oh..wait a minute...maybe if you have to flop around in the rain soaked field like the esks. and cats. had to do yesterday.. :slight_smile:

A clean game, as in turnover free.
And while both teams have to play in the same weather conditions, Hamilton has proven to be poor when conditions are less than stellar.

  1. Saskatchewan - #1 until someone beats them.
  2. Calgary - Looked good for half the game, and all the game before that. They need to sort out what happened in the second half.
  3. BC - Sure they always beat Toronto at home, but a win is still a win.
  4. Winnipeg - If the O manages to improve to "mediocre", they'll be contenders to win the East.
  5. Toronto - The other contenders in the East right now. Had their traditionally bad week in BC.
  6. Montreal - WTF is going on? They were embarrassed by the Bombers.
  7. Hamilton - If they play in a game that doesn't feature a monsoon, their offense is a lot more effective and can win them some games.
  8. Edmonton - Yes they beat Hamilton... in a monsoon. It wasn't exactly conditions condusive to Hamilton's strengths.

There really isn't much between 6-8 right now, and they're something of a toss up.

any excuse to toss a slight at the Riders.. hey?

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TSN's Rankings


all 3 got it wrong :wink: :wink:

I agree but until Hamilton wins one its hard to make an arguement for putting them ahead of Lions.

heh heh

1.(2) Saskatchewan - Only undefeated team and this week beat last weeks best team. No brainer.
2.(1) Calgary - Great first half against the Riders. Someone should tell the Stamps games are 60 minutes in the CFL.
3. (5) Winnipeg - I expect they'll fall a few spots, but for this week they belong here. Made the Al's look ugly. AC takes some blame, but the Bombers deserve some credit.
4.(7) BC - Big jump, but I knew they wouldn't stay at 7th long.
5.(8) Edmonton - Whine all you want about the weather Cats fans, but Edmonton played in it too and they won :stuck_out_tongue: .
6.(4) Toronto - Of the other 3 losers (besides Calgary) by far the best.
7.(3) Montreal - Where to begin. It hasn't been this ugly for Montreal in a very long time.
8.(6) Hamilton - Not as bad as some think, but they are the only 0-2 team and have given up the most points so........

Power rankings don't mean a whole pile, but seriously...how do the BC Lions lose to the Stamps one week, then win in a non dominated game while the Stamps lose in a non dominated game, and yet the Lions leapfrog the Stamps. Better or not, it just does not make a pile of sense.

Do you ever get a feeling of deja-vu, like every year this exact same argument happens in at least four different power ranking threads?

(On a totally unrelated note, how long until the annual "the Grey Cup halftime act sucks" thread?)