Power Rankings: Perfect no more

TORONTO — After what felt like a monumental set of games to take us through Week 10, let’s see where we stand.

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We're still #1 here but on 3DownNation we've been toppled from our mighty perch... AGAIN (for the second time this season). Jeez, I thought I had all those guys paid off. Why doesn't twenty bucks go further these days?

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LOL :grinning: Inflation is 8 - 9 % these days !


You got that right. Those darned writers are asking for $20 PLUS a bus transfer ticket now. Sheesh. That's pretty high livin' if you ask me. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Yeah i dont get why BC ranks higher than Winnipeg when they lost to Winnipeg

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I think they switched TO & Sask just to say they did something.

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Because if you just want to go by wins and losses ... that's what the actual standings are for.

who do you think would win this weekend in a neutral stadium?

That is how I think actual ranking should be based on.

As for me, I am 50/50

In a best out of seven, I think it might come down to a game 7 winning FG

Ya but clearly winnipeg is a better team until BC can beat them.

Again, power rankings aren't descriptive so much as predictive. If all they do is describe the present, and we tie them to wins and losses, why not just use the actual standings, where Winnipeg have a better record than BC and have beaten them already?

Any attempt to do power rankings in a meaningful fashion has to disregard wins and losses to some extent, even if a team has lost to another team.

one thing that may say something, if my math is correct, wpg has played 6 games against the east while BC has only played 3

While power ranking should not be tied to W/L, winning still is the most important factor in getting to the top of the ranking. If you have 2 teams close in the rankings, who beat who previously is a logical tie breaker.

If it was just about who's riding high a the moment, Montreal would be on top right now, as they just beat WPG. No ranking would have them anywhere near that mostly due to their record.

That's going to be a very important B2B to end the season between WPG & BC. Likely could be 3 in a row for one of those teams.

it may be 2 in a row for wpg, but bc has a game in between

I can see it. BC is killing teams. Winnipeg - not so much. Here's an interesting statistic brought up by TSN. After 9 games & a 9-0 record, the Bomber offence has produced 1 more yard of offence than the defence has allowed. You read that right - ONE yard. How do you get to 9-0 that way? BC has produced 1,407 more yards of offence after 8 games than they allowed. Winnipeg has escaped with some wins - a miss on a game tying convert by the Argos after blowing a 17-0 lead & all the momentum the Argo's way. Completely outplayed by the REDBLACKS twice & scraping by. A completion that didn't survive contact by Jorden or the game is tied & goes to OT. Winning despite 7 completions vs a bad Elks club. They've been living on borrowed time.

I have said more than once that if Winnipeg needs a FG to win a game, I wouldn't want Legghio taking it. If you can't make converts from the 25 yd line which are lined up the same for every kicker, is it any wonder if he blows the game winner from 32 or a 37 yarder to take you to a 2nd OT? How from 32 yards out can you not get at least a single? Legghio has missed 7 of his 30 conversion attempts. Sean Whyte has missed 14 in 416 attempts.

Lady Luck is a fickle mistress. We'll see if the Bombers can continue to rely on indifferent play most games, especially vs bad clubs, & expect to keep getting the ball bouncing their way. BC has been very impressive in their wins. The Bombers, er, not so much. Each has 1 loss - doesn't matter where it came from.

Nonetheless, this week I would give the Bombers top spot by the slimmest of margins.


Winning is a factor, sure, but it's not THE factor. Your MTL example actually proves that. No sane fan would think the Als are suddenly the league's powerhouse because they squeaked out an OT win against the Bombers. That's exactly why wins and losses, or whether a team has lost to another team, shouldn't be the primary indicator in power rankings.

So if Mont were able to demolish WPG last week, would they then climb to #1?
Absolutely not. Why? Because of the record!
The record is the primary factor, not sure how you can argue otherwise. If teams are close then other factors come into play like strength of schedule, injuries, etc and predictions about how they'll do going forward.

You keep putting words in my mouth. No, even a convincing win against Winnipeg would not put MTL at #1. Not sure where I said that. But it would move them up in the rankings because of the convincing aspect of the win.

A tough loss in which a team plays really well could also move them up in the rankings. Conversely, a weak win might move a powerhouse team down.

You seem to want to use wins as the primary indicator, when we already have the standings for that. If you want to do that, power rankings lose all interest for me. IMO these rankings exist primarily to give fans something to complain about! :smiley:

Standings are about how strong you are. Power Rankings are about how beautiful you are.

Strength is measurable and defined. Beauty is subjective and arguable.

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I put no words in your mouth.
Even a convincing win would not move them up (well maybe in this case but mostlt due to the crappy records of the East teams). And I disagree about weak wins moving any team down.
It is not me who wants to use standings as the primary factor, it is the people who put out the power rankings!