Power Rankings: Paging the final West playoff team

TORONTO — Week by week, game by game, we’re finally starting to get some clarity on what the playoff picture will look like.

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At this point of the season the standings should speak for themselves.
No way should Calgary be ahead of Hamilton.


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Yikes, don't agree!

This is pretty good actually. Better than the website guess.

I would seriously consider moving MTL ahead of Sask. They looked far better with a QB playing his first game against the best than Sask did eking out a win against the worst.

For the second week in a row, however, how can you possibly justify ranking EDM ahead of OTT when they’ve each won 2 games and OTT beat EDM twice? If EDM doesn’t win another game they can’t finish out of the basement.

I considered it. But Sk beat Mtl 2 weeks ago. Had Mtl beat Winnipeg, I would have done so.

Fair enough. I might rather play Sask in the playoffs than MTL, especially if Harris improves. Fajardo just doesn’t impress me this year.

Yet we beat Montreal last week

Harris had a good stint in Ottawa. I feel his days as a starter may be done. If SK O-line could ever get there act together I think Fajardo would have a better game. Even in the game a few nights ago, Collaros looked very average at times simply due to the fact that the Mtl pressure was zoning in on him and he was missing his receivers. Very seldom does the Bomber O-line allow it. Further to that, Collaros has had the luxury of the best O-line in the league, protecting, arguably, the most fragile QB in the CFL.

The Bombers aren’t perfect and Hardrick remained out and MTL has the third best pass rusher in the league so there is nothing there that surprised me. The Bombers did what they needed to do when it mattered. I would never suggest they were not trying, because they were, but the fact remains that they had nothing to play for and certainly weren’t desperate. They still won by 10, which I noticed was the biggest margin of victory by any team this past week.

As to his fragility, it’s hard to say. He’s certainly been concussed enough, but not as bad as Sidney Crosby, who appears to have recovered. I would still rather not see him get hit hard. He did get hit hard once at least and kept on ticking.


I would have the Argos in the 2 hole and the Riders in the 3 hole. :thinking: :rofl:

I personally don't give a flying fig what some so called experts rankings say . There is no doubt in my mind that despite what the W/L records are in the East that the Anchors are 1000% the 3rd best team in the division behind the Cats and Alouettes . I'll say it once , I'll say it again they have had a king sized horseshoe up their arse all season long as well as the crappiest HC and crappiest starting QB of any team in this years play-offs . They are also without a doubt the most crappiest 8-4 team that this league has ever seen . ...Full Stop .

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Chris Jones will be coaching the Argos in 12 months or less.

That’s a distinct possibility but the question is if he does take over , how long will it take before he leaves for the next shiny object he sees ?

Let’s face it here we all know that when it comes to having a little integrity and being honourable that Jones only cares about no one but himself .

I agree with you. Your list is the same as 3DownNation’s, only with Calgary and Montreal reversed.

I think it is fair to say you don’t like the Argos. However the fact remains they are the one and only team to beat the Bombers this year! Enough said.