Power Rankings: Making sense of the middle

TORONTO — If someone were to stop you on the street and ask you to rank the teams in the CFL right now, based on record, performance and where the team stands health-wise, how would you answer?

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I agree anything other than first and last is a flip of the coin. Teams in the middle have shown flashes of greatness at times but lack of consistency has resulted in lack of differentiation. Calgary was the one team that came within a few yards of beating Winnipeg at home. Who knows if they'd taken the ball on the 35 instead of opting to receive the ball if they would have been close enough to win with a final field goal. That little difference could have made a significant difference in the power rankings. That is not to say I'm crowning my Stamps to make the playoffs just yet but it does illustrate how little the difference is between being ranked 2nd or 8th. The next month may see teams settling into consistency or it may not.

I don't think any team deserves 2nd place .... or 3rd for that matter. I think it should just be a 5 team lump for 4th place, and the Alberta teams duking it out at 7th.

I guess we'll see which team can rise and show some consistency as the season continues.

On the one hand, I don't see why BC should jump from 7th to 3rd after beating the worst team in the league. On the other hand, I don't think any other team deserves to be in 2nd or 3rd either...

Power rankings are BS. worthless, calculated stupidly and simply meant to create arguments

Technically you could call it trolling by the league

These rankings are not accurate at all. Due to the crazy 2021 season taking place. I agree with the number one ranking, the Stamps and the Elks should be the in the number 2 & 3 spots. :thinking: :top: :three: :wc: :canada: :football:

Ask me again why they are useless meaningless and stupid

I find them entertaining. No one's forcing you to read them...

If people can argue about the placement of teams...I can argue its stupid

Edmonton ha looked dispicable in 2 of their last 3 outings. Calgary was sharing the basement with Ottawa up until this last win, not to mention their defence was horrendous last week when they were blown out at home.

Both these teams have potential to be 2nd or 3rd but they have to prove that week in and week out. They're no where near being close to that yet.



Love Darren Baumings power rankings but would suggest that he add Jackson Jeffcoat to the Bighill/Jefferson mix. These three are arguably the league's three best defensive players. How embarrassing for the Bombers to have all three.