Power Rankings: Making a splash

TORONTO — If you’re an Edmonton Elks fan — maybe if you’re a CFL fan in general that’s not a REDBLACKS or Stampeders supporter — you’ve probably got an extra bit of pep to your step today.

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Don’t think I’d be putting Edm above CGY yet…that would be determined after the B2B

I don’t even think I’d put them above Hamilton - but they are close



At this rate Hamilton could blowout the Argos next week and stamps get crush by Edmonton and they would still be behind them.

Yes Hamilton isn’t amazing but ranking Calgary ahead of them is just insane.


Bandwagon jumpers have elk at 6, what a laugh. Labor day and the week after is the only time I ever cheer for Calgary, even more so now.

In the East, look for the pretentious Als to start a losing streak, Hamilton to start winning and Ottawa, oh well Ottawa here’s hoping. TO will continue along, as long as Chad is healthy. Don’t count out Ham finishing 2nd in the East. It’s possible.


I do think there is more parity in the league than records show right now. So rankings like this are for entertainment purposes only.

I think the second half of the season my be full of surprises and fireworks and that with the possible exceptions of Winnipeg and Toronto being in the playoffs, nothing is settled yet.


You may be right Squishy. The middling teams are in a state of flux. The winners and losers we saw last week might be unrecognizable two or three weeks from now.

We know that there’s a lot of offensive firepower on the IR in Saskatchewan and Montreal. If those teams get healthy before the end of September we might see both of them put up big numbers. Meanwhile in Edmonton it looks like Tre Ford and his band of miracle workers are just getting started. Who knows how far they’ll drag their Elks into the win column.

Out East Hamilton hit rock bottom last week but bounced up mightily with young Taylor Powell putting up some surprising numbers in Toronto. He did so well that the witches stopped burning.

Only Ottawa seems dead in the water right now. Could untested phenom ‘Filet Pigrome’ be the answer there? Maybe we’ll find out if Crum stays crummy.

Then there’s Hufnagel’s team. I think he’s about to disown them. Calgary’s heading in the wrong direction and they’re about to crash into a Labor Day semi-trailer bearing down on them that’s driven by an Elk. Oh the humanity.

Things could get pretty hairy in the weeks ahead. :smiley: :+1:

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Agree completely with you.

Yeh and you didn’t even mention the great new domed Stadium Toronto was playing in and the awesome uniform change to go with it.

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