Power Rankings: Here come the Stamps

TORONTO — As we do just about every week, let’s use this space to give the Winnipeg Blue Bombers their due credit.

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Glad we're still on top. I hope BC finds a way to protect Riley (have they tried arming him with a pointy stick?). We want to see a good game here in Winnipeg. The Blow-outs are no fun to watch. :grimacing:

Were going on a win streak and give the bombers a L befor playoffs and give them another L in west final

ticats should be above lions

Cool your jets… if Lions win against the Bombers and Cats win over the Red Blacks… everything stays the same.

I agree with the top 3 picks. :bangbang: :top: :three: :canada: :football:

Here come the Stamps, there go the Lions.

Winnipeg is only one hit away from seeing their season go down the tubes.

Not with the running backs and receivers they have and losing their QB wouldn't affect the strong defense.

  1. Sounds like some fans are coming to the realization that that is only way they are going to beat the Bombers this season.

  2. Painfully aware of that. That is why the next month and a half will be very tense for us.

  3. Collaros is the only QB to start and finish every game this year.

That and cold weather.:snowman::wind_face:, Bo can't throw in the cold, However this year you have a backup Maier who may be capable? Will he get the chance? :football::sunglasses:

Not suggesting that Teams should intentionally injure Collaros. No, no, no. It's just that IF he gets injured, who do they have, really? They do not have a proven back-up.

That could be very true. Don't forget, we won the cup in 1988 with Sean Salisbury against the BC Lions and Matt Dunigan thanks solely to our great defense. But I wouldn't want to go that route again.

Defense is strong, no arguement here. If your QB can't get the ball to the receivers, it doesn't matter how good they are. If you can only run the ball, defenses will t-off on that, and that can be a problem. Winnipeg has two weaknesses, 1) no proven back-up QB, 2) weak kicker (so far) in Mourtada. They have to hope Collaros stays healthy.

Yup, that's a lot of hope and conjecture.

That's why we finish the season. Lol. Looking forward to play health teams, the true test who's the better team.

Long before anyone uses the outcome of week #16 Bombers @ Calgary as a stepping stone, one needs to see if anyone is playing for a spot. Perhaps one or both teams will be resting starters.

Lots of good play, side order of luck. We will all have our time to shine. :blue_heart::football:

Added note: I believe Calgary will 3 if not 4 of their remaining games

Mourtada issue now resolved since you posted. BC tossing in the towel as well they should after last week's embarrassment to a marginal Stamps squad. Although losing Collaros would obviously hurt, it would hurt much less than almost any other team I can ever think of that loses their starting quarterback. I am also advocating a trade for Shiltz as a backup after he gets more experience starting in MTL as he is obviously out of there soon. Even if Winnipeg loses Collaros they appear to have the best defence in CFL history and so dominate both lines that I don't think losing him alone would be fatal. Every single Winnipeg opponent simply gets taken out to the toolshed and whupped by their superior lines. By the second half all opponents are looking over their shoulder and you don't even have to watch the receivers closely to see their angst at having to catch a ball and get drilled by another Bomber defender, leading to numerous drops. That is why no one can score in the 4th quarter or even dares to cross midfield. The Bombers have 5 non starting defenders at least that could start for any other CFL team and therefore injuries are not really an issue. The only way the Bombers appear capable of losing a meaningful game is the way any superior team can lose, too many unforced turnovers or stupid penalties. On balance the Bombers have managed to avoid that so far. I don't see how any other team can come close to their level of skill and dedication and willingness to play for their teammates in 2021. Don't also be fooled by the fact they could even lose their next 4 games and still be the Grey Cup favourite. They won't have a meaningful game left until the Western Final at home and also have two bye weeks. For the Bombers health is all that matters now. They will likely be playing teams that need a win badly or even desperately. In those circumstances and (hopefully) with players resting, if the Bombers win 3 or 4 more just Fedex them the Grey Cup.

Just a couple of points. I don't know why you think Schiltz is leaving Mtl. Teams that can loose their starting QB and not miss a beat, I think are Hamilton---Masoli/Evans---- and Calgary---Mitchel/Maier. Winnipeg does not fall into that category---Collaros/McGuire---What you say about the Bombers D is correct, but they still need the Offence and the Offence runs through Collaros.

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