Power Rankings Going Into 2024

We now have the first WAY TOO EARLY Power Rankings in… and they come from 3DownNation. Do you agree or disagree?


Like I said in another thread, it seems way too early to even offer power rankings. Rosters still TBD. Some teams looking for coaches (HC or coordinator).

Still, just for fun, I’d put my Als maybe in a tie with Winnipeg, then Toronto a close #3. BC is good but they still haven’t beaten Winnipeg in a playoff game.

  1. MTL / Winnipeg
  2. Toronto
  3. BC
  4. Hamilton
  5. Calgary
  6. Edmonton
  7. Saskatchewan
  8. Ottawa

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Must agree with your assessment if we include playoffs, if not I say

BC / Montreal
Hamilton / Calgary
Toss the remaining in a bag, just pull one out…that is as per 2023 results, though it appears that Edmonton was gaining some traction near the end of season. Maybe Elks chase a playoff spot in 2024? Or Jones just blows everything up to start the season again.


I agree. Edmonton finally found a potential starting QB, Jarious Jackson was an improvement on McAdoo at OC, and their defence was always good. They absolutely have to get out to a good start, though. They can’t go 0-9 again. The fanbase won’t tolerate it and Jones will be under the gun to produce.

Saskatchewan? Still don’t know who the new head coach or OC will be and they desperately need to upgrade that O-line. But they still have Harris under contract, and if he’s at 100%, he can lead them to a playoff spot. Solid defence.

Ottawa, boy. I hope I’m wrong, but unless they hire a good OC, part ways with Masoli, and make a lot of strides they haven’t yet shown on both sides of the ball, I can’t see 2024 being much different for them.


At peril of of the top 4, I’d rather see more parody overall… would make the late season more exciting… Overall would help with attendance and viewership.


Agree … IF, for example, Lemon and Sankey were to leave the entire defence changes.


I also posted on the other thread but will summarize:

  • Power rankings are a fluff piece at the best of times. but there should at least be an attempt at logic behind them, which I don’t see here. Big fail for 3Down Nation.

  • Ranking teams as they exist today would clearly mean Montreal #1 (they just won something didn’t they?) and Winnipeg #2 (they just barely lost something didn’t they?) with Toronto #3 and BC #4. The bottom 5 would just be a card shuffle at this point.

  • I don’t see how it is possible to rank any team for next year as no one anywhere has any idea who will sign where and where free agents will end up. It’s pointless to rank for next year not knowing any of the rosters and a big swing and a miss on the present day rankings.

Even as a fluff piece these rankings aren’t even worth discussing.


Intent of the article and it’s contents is to drive passion and talk About the cfl
At least I hope so because if it is serious the writer is bull of beans, big stinky beans


Absolutely. It’s all off-season ‘what-if’ stuff and we’re in that territory right now.

After Free-Agency is pretty much done we’ll have another ‘Way Too Early Power Rankings’ come out and it’ll have a wee bit more meat on its bones.


Nothing to see here. Half the teams are missing their team to free agency…teams without GMs and coaches…

Its a super lazy fluff piece given that we already have a number of threads in here that are more debatable (who is retiring? rules committee, armchair BoG meeting, the mysterious absence of the forum link, etc)

Maybe they should pay us to write for them.


Well, as much as I strongly dislike the Argos, they did dominate the league in 2023. They might be on a mission. As a Bomber fan, I hope I am way off here. BC and Montreal will be interesting to watch. Edmonton should continue to improve. I think the hopeless cases are Saskatchewan and Ottawa again. The only thing I know is that it will be fun.

  1. Toronto
  2. BC
  3. Winnipeg / Montreal
  4. Hamilton / Calgary
  5. Edmonton
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Ottawa

Power Ranking are meaningless fun. Not going to even guess at rankings now without a clue how rosters will look.

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We’re just taking stock here. You know… checking the inventory. So which team IYHO this quarter has the best merchandise Oxbladder?

I know it doesn’t matter in the long run. We’ll be revisiting this question several times during the off season as new players get signed and vets get resigned. Then there’s the all important draft which means very little immediately but pays huge dividends for some teams later on as talented rookies work their way onto starting rosters.

Once preseason begins the guessing games will heat up (as will the witches in some forums) and sometimes key acquisition coups, blunders or injuries will dramatically shift our opinions as to who’s ranked where going into the regular season.

But I agree, there’s no CFL until spring so right now rosters aren’t set and our picks mean nothing. Also life is pointless, and winter is closing in fast. We’re all worm food walking (maybe I should be saving this stuff for the humor thread).

Crazy me… I’m gonna say f*** it and play along with the rest of the CFL nerds for now. Montreal is the number one team in the CFL universe as of this moment. We’ll knock them off their lofty perch later. :beaver:

  1. Toronto
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Montreal
  4. BC

After that it’s pretty much drawing out of a hat.

Montreal and Winnipeg are interchangeable. I wouldn’t put Montreal as #1 despite being champs as they, with the roster they finished with, needs a few bigger tweaks than Winnipeg and Toronto needed.

Montreal’s oline is currently too weak for me to rank them higher. need work on their offensive line. BC’s defensive line is too small and they have zero run game. As much as Maksimic gets praise their offence doesn’t lend itself to success in the post season.

So, these would be my rankings based on current rosters and going strictly on regular season.

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Edmonton has finally finished with the burden of paying off their fired coaches, GM, and CEO. Now they have extra money to spend on players. Hopefully they could recruit and pay for better talents. But still, attendance must improve, really, really improve.


Why, Toronto did good😄

Way Way too early for this stuff. At least get through free agency and the draft before looking at how teams are shaping up.

Whether teaks splash their cash in free agency or not, convince players to join them, or pick up game changers in the draft is yet to be seen.

Team makeup can change significantly still and until the bulk of the starters are signed - this is guessing based on last season…

…and how many times was Montreal at the top of the charts last season?


You hear about the worst to first stories. They happen occasionally. Easier in the cfl.
Any way that’s my hope for the Riders :smile: