Power Rankings: Gauging an eventful Week 15

Pure passers typically win championships more often than scramblers.
Just ask Dan Brown.

...And you could no doubt provide many examples to back that up, but I think Warren Moon may have something to say about that. He won a couple... :grinning:

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hahaha. funny i never worked in anything related to my field. i was a big4 auditor for years.

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Typically. Ricky Ray, Anthony Calvillo, Bo Levi, Collaros

i think Damon Allen wants to have a word with you

I take back what I said about math not being a science. I would not argue that point with someone's experience of calculus that I'm sure you have. :innocent:

More often than not. I didn’t mean to imply every time.
Love to have a talk with him....he’s pretty awesome.

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heh, we’ll for the record, my grey matter isn’t what it used to be due to a brain injury for being hit by a car. :unamused:

also degrees are just a bunch of letters after a name that indicate one enjoys academic punishment lol. honestly, life experience is much more valuable in the big picture.

But was I ever wrong about Arbuckle today.