Power Rankings (From a Ticats fan)

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/2011-pre-season-cfl-power-rankings]http://cfl.ca/article/2011-pre-season-c ... r-rankings[/url]

Anyone see the Power Rankings?

Who the !@#$ is Matthew Cauz?

Do 'Riders fans think he's as big of a moron as Ticats fans do?

I like this quip...

"By the way Saskatchewan, way to go on your three Grey Cup wins, you’re only 12 away from tying Toronto. Way to go!".


That's okay -- the Ti-Cats rely on the previous century for ALL of their trophies -- and all of their trips to the Grey Cup too -- as I kindly pointed out to Hamilton fans at last year's game down there. That and at least Saskatchewan knows how to build a stadium if it needs to!

Are you serious buds? I was on your side moron! I added that quote as a sort of... "are you @#$%ing kidding me?!?!?" type way. Please oh please don't ruin the great vibe that I get from 'Riders fans with your ignorance.

Go Gang Green! Except you.

Ummm, mad because the Riders have only won 3 and have been in back to back but still haven't won?So we went through a slump.Rider fans should know what that feels like, every team should because every team has them.We'll be regular visitors and winners again soon enough.As for the stadium, that's not the Ticats fault.Our idiot ex-mayor thought it would be cool to muscle Bob Young into losing big money and Hamiltonians into believing whatever he did.

Rusty, ya I just read the article. The reporter knows that the quickest way to get hits on his "articles" is to insult the teams with the most fans (Sasky and Ticats). Now he can go to his editor and brag about all the hits he has had.

Hope you guys kick Montreals butt in the playoffs and we'll see you in BC for the Grey Cup winner takes all game. This time it'll be warmer, we won last in TO "warm" too.

I'm guessing that he didn't read the article and thought you made the comment? Just a guess. Personally I've found the Ticats fans to be the best in the East, based on this forum. And when your Ticats store took out a full page ad in the local Sasky newspaper here, congratulating us on a great season, well that was awesome. I sent a personal email to the manager thanking him and his staff! Very classy!!

I agree with the sentiments stated earlier. This Cauz guy is just saying crap about us and the ticats, just cause it will stir up the most amount of commotion about his articles. Publicity garbage....

I choose to ignore this guy as he is just one opinion, that to me has NO bearing on what i think about. Frankly if I were to rate the teams, Ticats would be higher, and Riders would be lower. But thats just me ( i expect the worst, hope for the best, and then when they surprise me and have a winning season, at least im not disapointed.. and if they completely crap the bed, at least i was expecting it, and hey! im still a riders fan =)

Looking forward to a great season =) Go Riders, ( and in the east go Ticats )
-ps. hey Ticats can we get Marcus Thigpen back ? you do realize we just were 'loaning' him to you to 'test' weather or not he was as good as we thought he was... ?! :lol:

I didn't read the article. Go Riders and Ticats, i've been picking them out of the East all offseason, Prove me right!

dont really agree with the article. to me i say:



With Sask and Calgary being a toss up for 2nd / 3rd

Good to see some awesome fans in this forum.

I'm a Die Hard 'Cats fan from Ontario but I've always loved Saskatchewan...

I'm all about the 'Riders in the West, I love Corner Gas (had a beer at the Dog River Hotel - lol), love the beauty of the place and most importantly....


My apologies Rusty, this was a misinterpretation on my part and I deserve a knock for misreading the original post (which I thought at first indicated that the new guy doing the rankings was a Tabby fan). Please forgive my blunder on this one.

Apology accepted.

I was just disgusted with how biased he is/was. I couldn't give two flying !@#$'s about the rankings... but having someone write a column for the CFL that is THAT biased and calls out 'Riders fans like that for NO REASON is pretty brutal.

LOL! Then you'll fit right in :slight_smile:

Agreed, it's hard to hate their dedication to the team and how nice they are when they come to IWS.They're probably the only fan base that doesn't think they run the joint even though %60 of IWS is Rider fans on gameday :lol:
BC fans are probably the worst for this, I haven't met a single one there that wasn't mouthy pre-mid and post game.
Riders vs Ticats 2011 grey cup, book it :thup:

BC is bad but not the Argos's fans? Seems like every LDC is a double-feature -- a football game and a fight in the stands! :slight_smile:

I'm okay with the top 3 in that list, but after that it's way out of whack in my opinion.

I'd have

  1. Hamilton
  2. BC
  3. Toronto
  4. Edmonton
  5. Winnipeg

I don't think there's any free spaces on the bingo card this year, there's no truly terrible team that I can see.

It's not as bad as the papers make it sound honestly.There's just as many fights at Argo games as at Bomber games, maybe a few more for Argo games.BC fans just get under my skin at IWS I dunno :lol:
I will say though that T.O. fans live up to their rep of BMW driving flakes, have seen nothing but that every time I go to Rogers Centre for a game.

I dunno -- I've never seen a Bombers fan try to deck a cop yet... :roll:

Ce genre de classement avant la saison ne veut rien dire, car les vraies équipes ne jouent presque pas en match préparatoires.

Alors, que dire des "conclusions" que ce genre de commentateur en tire, sinon que c'est ridicule.

On s'en reparlera après 6 parties.

Yeah, they are meaningless. But I guess it satisfies peoples' desire to speculate. It's harmless - like you say, we can talk again after 6 games and have a better idea - il n'y a pas un meilleur classement que le vrai classement.