Power Rankings for week 5

From CFL.ca: http://www.cfl.ca/article/cfl-ca-power-rankings-for-week-5

The math rankings:

  1. Edmonton n/c
  2. Hamilton +1
  3. Winnipeg -1
  4. Montreal n/c
  5. Calgary n/c
  6. BC n/c
  7. Toronto n/c
    8 ) Saskatcheawan n/c

Cauz's rankings

  1. Edmonton n/c
  2. Winnipeg +1
  3. Hamilton +1
  4. Montreal -2
  5. Calgary n/c
  6. Saskatchewan n/c
  7. Toronto n/c
    8 ) BC n/c
[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2011/08/01/rankings_week5/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... ngs_week5/[/url]

Perry Lefko's list.

I like the CFL’s top four and Cauz’s bottom four.

I think Cauz is pretty accurate this week.

Mine: http://www.ezfootballrankings.com/cfl-1.php

I'll take Winnipeg first and Edmonton second. The fact that the Esks needed until the dying moments to squeak by a team that was self destructing in the 2nd half plays against them. The game should have been over at the half not starting.

Did you forget about the two times Winnipeg struggled against Toronto? :lol:

.....struggled :lol: ...we were just taking it easy on them after destroying Boyd and knocking out their first string qb.....AND we did beat them by more than 1 point.....but whatever... :roll:

struggled.. maybe.. but both wins were far more convincing than Edmonton's

Winnipeg: Home of the Homers. :smiley:

I gotta go with Cauz's rankings here, although with some notes.

Winnipeg has a big test next week, they need to show they can win games without Buck Pierce. Otherwise, expect them to lose ground.

Hamilton also has a big test. The win vs Montreal wasn't the prettiest win (on either side of the ball) and Calgary is by no means a write off.

Other then that, I fully expect Montreal to rebound vs the Argos and Sask and BC to see which of the two is going to have a salvageable season. Too many questions with Sask beating Montreal and BC making so many close games.

well, more power to you if you think a 1 point win is more convincing than wins of 6 and 9 points, I guess..

not saying I agree with whoever said they'd switch the Bombers/Esks on the power rankings, but there's absolutely nothing "homer-ish" about believing the Bombers' wins over Toronto were far more convincing than Edmonton's.. which is all we've said here

I'm the guy who wanted to switch Winnipeg and Edmonton. I'm an Argo fan. Don't see how that makes me a homer for my comments but if someone wants to explain it to me I'm listening.

Well after tonight even the biggest homer Eskie fan couldn't argue with you!