Power Rankings for upcoming week

  1. Calgary. Manhandled the best team in the east in all three phases of the game.

  2. B.C. Ground out a tough win against the defending Grey Cup champions. Defense looks to be back with Wake turning into an absolute beast.

  3. Saskatchewan. Almost pulled off yet another miracle comeback, but the boys have to start playing 60 full minutes of football.

  4. Edmonton. Hung on for dear life against the lowly Ti-Cats in their own backyard. Defense really misses Romero on the line.

  5. Montreal. Defense embarrassingly exposed against the Stamps. First in the east, but can't seem to hold their own against the west.

  6. Winnipeg. Huge statement win in a game where a loss would have likely cost Berry his job. Welcome back, offense!

  7. Hamilton. Battled til the end on the road and didn't fold up the tent despite the back-breaking Goss picks. Defense is playing vanilla surprise and needs to mix up their pre-snap looks in order to be effective.

  8. Toronto. Not even the Don was enough to provide this unmotivated, fractured bunch of individuals with the spark to at least be COMPETITIVE against a division rival. Problems in every area of the game. Dorsey's job is safe; everyone else's should be up for grabs.

  1. Calgary
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Edmonton
  4. B.C
  5. Montreal
  6. Winnipeg
  7. Hamilton
  8. T.O

Not sure how the Lions can beat Saskatchewan, winning their second game in a row, yet sit two points back of the Riders. Also not sure how Edmonton is higher than B.C. when they had to pull out all the stops to win at home against the Tiger-Cats of all people.

the argos should be 9th, ottawa that doesn't even have a team should be ranked ahead of the argos, heck i think U of T varsity blues could take the argos right now.

Probably because B.C is still four points back from the Riders in the standings.

that has no relevance in power rankings