Power Rankings for upcoming week

Power rankings according to me. :slight_smile:

  1. Calgary. This team is playing with confidence and determination on both sides of the ball.

  2. Montreal. Learning how to put teams away in the fourth quarter. Defense is coming together despite a rash of injuries in the secondary.

  3. Edmonton. Flying under the radar but could challenge for the division crown if Ray stays healthy and Maciocia remains committed to the running game.

  4. Saskatchewan. Injuries now really taking their toll on the defending champs. When healthy, though, still the class of the league.

  5. B.C. Quarterback health continues to be an issue for the Lions. With Jackson out, Pierce will have to show his durability.

  6. Winnipeg. Team finally getting healthy and seems revitalized with Glenn back at the controls and calling his own plays. Placekicking is the huge question mark.

  7. Hamilton. Similar to Winnipeg, the Cats should be much healthier heading into the stretch drive, but turnovers, penalties, and a non-existent pass rush remain major problems that need fixing.

  8. Toronto. Absolutely no identity on offense, and an aging defense that is getting exploited with shocking regularity. Take away Dorsey and this team would probably be winless.


I expect sask to rise again, but not because of bishop. Actually, bishop may be the reason they dont

Agreed about Bishop, not because I dislike Bish, but because a quarterback coming to a new team mid-season is really not much use except as an injury fill-in. He doesn't know the playbook, has no connection with his receivers, and is unfamiliar with his O-line's protection schemes.

TSN's power rankings:

* [1] Calgary (Last Week: 3)
* [2] Montreal (Last Week: 2)
* [3] Saskatchewan (Last Week: 1)
* [4] Edmonton (Last Week: 5)
* [5] B.C. (Last Week: 4)
* [6] Winnipeg (Last Week: 6)
* [7] Toronto (Last Week: 7)
* [8] Hamilton (Last Week: <!-- s8) -->8)<!-- s8) -->

Yours are more realistic.