Power Rankings For 4 Teams - No Wait Just 3

Forget the equal records for a moment.

Here are the tier levels .

Level 1 - Ham - Cal - Edm ( not in any order here )

Level 2 - Tor

Level 3 - 5 other teams.

Here is how I justify this. The top 4 have equal records. However,the big 3, has shown how dominant they are.

Tor has been lucky to have the record they have. Should have lost to BC and Sas. BC tanked and Sas had so many penalties they more or less mailed it. They also had an OT win over Sas.

Argo-Lucks could just as easily be 2 - 5 ( get it ? Argos are lucky.)

The rest, well they just can't roll with the 3.

SR - they are not as bad as 0-7. 2 OT losses and a mail in in Tor.
Could at least be 3 - 4.

The cream rises and Ham will pull away come back to back victories over Tor come labor day.
Cal - Edm back to back will test both teams as to who will rule the West.

It is great to see the power houses about to face each other.
The big 3 have had it a little bit to easy so far.

It is after Labor Day that the better teams start to pull away.
Much has to do with depth for injury replacements, coaching adjustments and pure talent.

LABOUR Day (we are in Canada you know).

make that kaná:ta’

That would be Labour Day eh? (we are in Canada eh?) 8)

So could Calgary.

I know. I typed Labour but my spell checked red underlined it.

Dropped the U as to not upset my computer. It is OCD and likes to have it's own way.

I would say Calgary earned their win record. Argos, just kinda happened for them.
Though I will give them credit for the win over Edm . It is good though.

Better to have as many teams with winning records . Regardless of how they achieved them.