Power Rankings: Finding your late-season groove

TORONTO — There’s an almost timeless adage that pops up around this time of year.

It coincides with the weather changing and talk of the run game growing in importance. Every year when we get past Labour Day, we start to hear about teams that are looking to hit their stride in the final month or so of the regular season.

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Here we go again with our Monday afternoon PR fun column.
7 out of 9 isn't bad I guess, but Toronto should not have leap frogged over B.C. into third by virtue of their win over Ottawa.
The Lions record is better and Toronto has not beaten one team over .500 but they did lose to Ottawa and were thumped by B.C.
B.C. has beaten Calgary twice and with their win over Argos should have remained at #3.
I guess it’s what have you done lately again in the PR.
Swapping Montreal and Saskatchewan is ok by virtue of Als victory over the Bombers and they have a game in hand.
B.C. will be back in 3rd and TO in 4th after this weekends games.

I agree in part. The Lions with without their starting quarterback are not going very far. With him, they are #2 easily. Calgary as it stands right this minute should be #2.
A teams record doesn’t mean much if they look as bad as the lions do now.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the Power Rankings if Argos beat Calgary and the Lions beat the Red Blacks this weekend. I’m quite sure that only the Argos and Stamps will change spots.

But if the Lions can beat the Bombers on the 15th just maybe the Lions would move into a solid third?

For that to happen Adams Jr has to play much better. The o-line has to play way better. They have to pray the Bombers sit some of their starters.
But in our league, who knows? Anything can happen.

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  1. Winnipeg, 2. Calgary. 3. BC, 4. Toronto.

Toronto need to beat a over .500 team before they can move ahead of BC!
Nice try

I don't think it's that ridiculous that Toronto is ahead of BC. Sure the Argos haven't beaten any winning team, but BC is a mere shadow of what they were earlier in the season when they had two of their wins. Calgary and BC each got a win over each other in the last couple of weeks, but BC looked terrible in their loss. Toronto gets Calgary and BC in back to back weeks, that should give us a good idea of who these Argos really are. This week's Stamps vs Argos should be a good game.

What I do think is ridiculous, is that according to the simulator, Toronto has the best odds to win the Grey Cup, more than Winnipeg and all the west teams combined.