Power Rankings: Finding ways to win

TORONTO — There’s a familiar feeling of doom when you watch a team lose one of its most important players to injury.

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Yeah - we are number 8…


I’m surprised that they didn’t try to sneak Montreal into the top 3. I applaud the season they are having considering the sh!t show their off season was.


Cat fans don’t just want a playoff spot they want a team that has a chance of going to the Grey Cup in Hamilton.

The Bombers won, the Lions lost and until they play Winnipeg, the idle Argos have yet to prove anything. So the question is, why is Toronto still ranked No. 1 and more importantly, why didn’t BC drop a position or two?

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Unless that game from the elks qb was a fluke elks could very well surprise people and beat the stamps when they meet in Labor Day.

I also don’t get how after one bad game from Hamilton they end up being last despite stamps having been awful the last two not even scoring a td.

The top spot should be Toronto or Winnipeg and mtl imo are third and could very well be second after this week.


Row Together.

Disagree strongly with you opinion. Until Montreal beats one of the established big three they do not get to be in the top three. Right now they are 0-3 climbing that hill. Being outscored 87-49 in those games.

Not saying that that might change Thursday.

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Montreal is exactly where they should be in the rankings. Until and unless they beat one of the top three teams, they go no higher than fourth. Granted, they had a tough schedule in some of those losses – facing BC on a short week and having to travel out to Vancouver – but still. They need to show they can hang with the big boys.

This week isn’t the week for them to show that, though. Once again, they’re on a short week, playing their second road game in a row and facing a Winnipeg team that will be looking to run Oliveira down their throats if they get any kind of lead. I don’t expect a MTL win.

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1st of all, I’ve said all year that Montreal was 4th best, it took them awhile to get there but they are now knocking on the door for #3.

2nd of all, I think fans have to stop using short weeks as an excuse for why they lost, or might lose. The schedule is what it is, every team has to play short weeks. This is the price to pay with Thursday night games and having 9 teams.

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Short weeks are a factor, not an excuse. Yes, every team has to play short weeks, because of the (poor) schedule. But it is absolutely a disadvantage to have to miss up to 2 days of valuable practice time while playing the best team in the league on the road.


Yes it’s a factor, but one all teams face - kinda like injuries.
WPG played 1 day before Montreal lastweek, that is not bad.
I’m just tired of hearing people complain about it, if your team man’s up it’s not a big deal.
Hell, there was a stretch lastyear where WPG had to play 3 games in like 12 days, pretty sure we did OK in those games.

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Anybody who has played team sports in a league setting understands well rested teams playing teams on shorter breaks have a significant advantage. That has been recognized by multiple sports people when predicting outcomes on CFL games. That’s why NFL teams don’t like Thursday games after playing on Sunday. It’s a fact. The Bombers have that advantage 4 times this year & only have to play one team themselves on a short week - the Elks. Even Bomber writers know this (read “Why Bombers Can Go 15-3 Again” - John Hodge May 31 who mentions this advantage prominently).

Coaches know it, players know it - the example given by actual players who play the game when playing twice in 5 nights is it’s akin to being in a car crash. But of course you don’t want to hear it. Facts are difficult. When you keep putting ears on Mr. Potato Head where the feet belong, after a while it all makes sense, right?

Well, if that’s true - the Elks may get their first home win. The last meeting with Ottawa was the middle game of 3 in 17 days and the Elks on 5 days rest with Ottawa coming off a bye week.

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Exactly. And as I already stated when the Bombers were facing similar circumstances they still pulled out a win.
I’ve said a bunch of times, ofcourse more prep time is an advantage (duh)
But to blame that as to why your team lost is not crediting the opposition, if you lose in that situation its because your team didn’t show up.

No blame - just a statement of fact. Not discrediting the opposition either.
Just saying any team on the road, on 5 days rest, against a team coming off the bye has a distinct disadvantage.