Power Rankings: Everyone loves the middle

TORONTO — It applies to Oreo cookies and this season it applies to our power rankings, too.

The middle is the most enjoyable part.

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I would switch Hamilton (5) around with Toronto (3). Otherwise I agree.

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I'd flip Calgary, Hamilton.

I agree. I would also flip Ottawa and Edmonton. I can’t give Edmonton the edge when both teams have two wins and Ottawa’s wins are both against Edmonton. Pretty soon Edmonton will also be playing 8 games in 7 days and it’s unlikely they’ll win many, if any, of those.

The Evil Empire had a bad start with that COVID out break. Then that misrepresentation of vaccination incident. All that turned into a bad schedule and well...after that it was like a Elk in headlights, hunting season!

Elk in the headlights - apt & great way of putting it. Can't see them winning again - 4 games in 22 days coming up. Elizondo lost the room awhile ago. Players don't look like they're trying hard with few exceptions. Playoffs should be way more interesting than the season. Begelton back with Stamps. Interesting article by Hodge on 3Downnation. Looked at 11 teams who wrapped up 1st place really early. Ten went to Cup game, 5 lost. One didn't even make it to the Cup. Should be a bit sobering for Bomber fans - historically, less than 50-50 chance these front runners end up champions. You never know.

I don't see anyone but Winnipeg or Hamilton winning.
Hamilton would have a better chance if they used Evans - with Masoli

Toronto can't be in the mix because they can't even finish a game with 44 seconds - complete maroons on and off the field. And MacBeth ? - don't get me started!!

And the winners for the most up and down teams in the rankings this year are... Hamilton, Toronto and BC!!! :partying_face: :boom:

Of the the three, only BC has been trending downwards of late.
Ottawa and Edmonton have been really good at being really bad while Calgary and Montreal have become the masters of mediocrity (no one else does middling better than these two teams).

Saskatchewan's always been ranked at or near the top and never worse than forth.
They are currently runner up for second most employee of the month awards.

Poor Winnipeg's been in a rut for the last 8 weeks... stuck in first place... unable to advance any further. It's sad in a way. They have nowhere to go but sideways or down until the post season. :sneezing_face:

In weather lingo the Bombers look stable with a chance of reign (ing champs).

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So Toronto wins against BC because the Lions kicker missed three shots at a game winner and they are still #3?

I would have the Stamps in the 3 hole. My hometown Argos should be in the 4 hole. :sweat_smile:

The Anchors are not only the most over-rated team in the league but they are also the luckiest team in the league , with a king sized horseshoe up their butt .

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Give my hometown Argos a break, they have not been in the playoffs since 2017. The Argo bounce is working in 2021. :rofl: :bangbang:

#20 Decoud, looks like he ate to much turkey.

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ACEGUY- Awesome photo. My favourite all time player!
Bombers and Hamilton in the finals. Unfortunately the playoffs will be a real sleeper. I am setting the bar low. I expect my expectations will be met. Bombers 3 Hamilton 1 in Grey Cup final. Jefferson will injure all TICat QB's. Then he will intercept the football and hot dog it down to the 1 yard line and get tackled due to over celebration tactics. Collaros will not get the Bombers in the end zone forcing a field goal.
Hamilton will intercept Collaros and run the ball back to the 30 and Hamilton will miss the field goal...game over!

I don't get it. If you're ranking by position in the standings, well then OK, SK and Toronto. But power...? Toronto flukes out a win because BC misses 3 makable FGs, and that makes them powerful? SK gets its second first down of the game in the last 2 minutes of the first half, has the ball for under 10 minutes. Virtually no offence at all - and that makes them powerful? SK was whupped in every "power" aspect of the game passing, running, etc. Why is SK considered powerful? The Als looked much more powerful. - I mean except for the obvious points column, but that puts us back looking at the standings, not the power.

Based on their total repertoire this season, but especially of course the win vs BC, a competent team, I'm getting the feeling that the Bombers team may be one of the best teams ever in the history of the league. Because of the nature of the quotas and more recently, the salary cap, all the best teams have had a few weak spots. I see none in the 'Peg.

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They also have two recruiting advantages, which contribute to their possible all time great status. First, everyone wants to play for O’Shea and their team culture is second to none. You can bet the players talk about it and also talk about a certain green QB that publicly dissed his receivers. No such BS in the ‘Peg.

Second, and especially in a COVID year, you can join any team but the Bombers during the year, and if you’re lucky maybe even make $5,000-$10,000 more on that team. But if you join the Bombers you have the best chance at the $24,000 bonus winning the Grey Cup brings. Not a factor in the NFL but a significant factor in an already shortened and underpaid CFL season.

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