Power Rankings: Entering the home stretch

TORONTO — We’re never ones to wish things away. On and off the field, it’s important to be in the moment and Week 19 of the season promises its share of them.

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Whoop there it is… they got it bang on this week. What I expected specially the top four teams. Lions had a chance to take second while the Stamps sat on the couch but instead traded places with the Argos yet again. Lions are going to have to take second spot the old fashioned way… they earn it. Stamps won’t make that easy.

The east is turning into a anything can happen but for now Argos have a solid lock on 1st…. for now David.

"Mike O’Shea can opt to rest whoever he likes however much he wants over the next three games"
Ummm... the Bombers only have 2 games left.

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He could still rest whoever he wants too in the West Final. :man_shrugging::+1:t2::smiley:

Good catch I read right over that error.


Not the David from California who is a die hard Bombers fan…. but my friend David who is a die hard Argos fan. Not that David from California is not my friend but he could be after coming to Vancouver to catch a CFL game :+1:

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They should just rest them all :beers:

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I can just see Bighill shuffling along the sidelines in his fuzzy blue slippers and lumberjack themed pajamas... coffee in hand, sharing a box of Timbits with Jeffcoat and Jefferson who are catching some October rays instead of quarterbacks.

If the Bombers rest most starters and lose or get smoked their final regular season games against BC - does anyone think that would/should that impact their Power Rankings status? Not in my opinion...

That should not affect their status. The article above all but said so as well. Playing full garbage time games, as I call them, should have no bearing. It didn’t last year.