Power Rankings - Early September

Power Rankings

  1. Bombers
  2. Rough Riders
  3. Als
  4. Lions
  5. Argos
  6. Stamps
  7. Eskies
  8. Ticats

your thoughts?

good rankings, but i think I would put The Stamps ahead of Toronto....

No No leave them at the bottom I like when we do not get respect. Love it in fact.

I think it is safe to say every one knows who the best 4 teams are in the league. An impressive stat is that Winnipeg has played 5 games against BC, Sask, and Montreal, and is 4-1 during those games :rockin:

how r the argos 5th? 3 of their 4 wins have came against the worst team in the league

mine are:

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Montreal
  4. B.C
  5. Stamps
  6. Eskies
  7. Argos
  8. Ti-cats

Eskimos are on a 3-game losing streak. Toronto has won 2. Sure, both wins were against the Ti-Cats, but they still won.

i agree with your rankings jordan but your ti cats wont be at the bottom for long hopefully with casey printers in town but sask and winnipeg should be tied they both won important games at home and both are leading their divisions

You are right about that. But I am trying to consider offensive and defensive rankings as well. Ultimately wins and losses are the ultimate barometer, but you have to consider injuries. Didn't Winnipeg lose to Hamilton - the Cats put up 43 points in that game. The Argos, by the numbers have the 2nd best D in the league, I belive its the best. Also, if you look at the margin of victory for the opponent in most of the Argos losses its pretty slim and that was with Rocky Butler - a Hamilton cut at QB.

D.J. Bennett’s Power Rankings on TheScore.ca –

[url=http://www.thescore.ca/blogs/cfl/index.asp?name=cfl/2007/09/week_12_power_r.html]http://www.thescore.ca/blogs/cfl/index. ... wer_r.html[/url]


  1. Winnipeg
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. BC
  4. Montreal
  5. Calgary
  6. Toronto
  7. Edmonton
    (bunch of CIS teams)
  8. Hamilton

Who are the Rough Riders?

A peewee team ranked slightly above the Ticats in my rankings.

Whoever made these ranking better have a big eraser, because theres going to be big
changes after this week.

That is precisely the definition of a weekly ranking, it changes week to week ( most of the time ).


Both Calgary and BC ahead of Montreal and Edmonton ahead of Toronto...interesting.

I would say:

Looks like there is a new #1 this week :stuck_out_tongue:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/fantasy_news/feature/?fid=547&hubname=]http://www.tsn.ca/fantasy_news/feature/ ... 7&hubname=[/url]

Those rankings look all right to me.