Power Rankings: Dealing with change

TORONTO — All it takes is one play in one moment for change to occur.

That’s something that football fans all know, but it’s a notion that can slip from front of mind to back through the course of a season. We all got a harsh reminder of that on Friday night, when Nathan Rourke went down against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

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Well I’m pleasantly surprised that the Lions have not been quickly moved back to spot #8 as they were before the season even started. As a Lions fan I feel disappointment with Rourke heading for surgery (as any player from your team) but at least he won’t be heading off to the NFL before the CFL season ends. That’s all a fan hears about if a player is that good… how long before he leaves. This guy has talent but I feel the whole team is talented this year. I was lucky enough to meet O’Connor in Kamloops this spring camp and he was wearing a pair of Reilly’s cleats he found in a locker. That right there showed me that he is more than capable to fill big shoes. O’Connor and the rest of the team will continue with the great season… starting with Saskatchewan this week and taking it game by game. The only problem I foresee is O’Connor gets us to the Cup and Rourke is then ready to go. Much like the season with Printers and Dickenson lol… it was Wally’s call that year. Go Lions Go

These aren’t power rankings. With the exception of Toronto over Sask, it is a just a descending list of teams by their win-loss record.

Like I said in the last week rankings, losing Rourke would not result in a fast drop. It will depend on how the team does going forward in the next weeks.
Doing good and still losing does not help in these rankings.
I do wonder if in the unlikely scenario that Sask blows up BC and CGY beats WPG, would that be enough to drop BC to 4th?

Real BIG dropoff after top 3. It says something when the Riders 5 wins came vs teams who have an 11-29 record. And they've lost 3 games vs 2 Eastern teams who have only 1 win vs any other team in the West. Six of their last 8 games are vs Western teams with a 23-5 record. I can't argue with them being 5th but they look like a team who could be in free fall in the 2nd half.

I'd go Montréal in 4th, Saskatchewan in 5th and Toronto in 6th.

Montreal looks to be getting things worked out. Although, they can't continue to take almost 200 yards in penalties and still expect to win.

Saskatchewan is starting to get health. If they can get their offense in sync they could get dangerous again.

Toronto is going nowhere fast. They get far too much credit. Yes, they did beat Saskatchewan in back to back games but that was a Riders team that was badily beat up. The injury to Harris will be huge. I am predicting that they will not make the play offs.

It'll be interest to see how the Lions do on Friday. Still a lot of wrapons in that offense.

Don’t forget about the Lions shut down Defence …

Not too shut down against the two teams they will most likely face in the play offs. Winnipeg scored 43 points and Calgary scored 40 points. If the offense doesn't click the defense is not likely to win the game against those two teams.

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That's true. BC's 'Shutdown D' allowed us to score early and often. Calgary jumped on them right off the bat too. We'll get to see the Lions again in back to back games to finish the season. Will we shut down their 'Shut Down' or will O'Rourke have enough playing time under his belt in that scary offense to keep his defense off the field?