Power Rankings: Come on up to Winnipeg

TORONTO — Week 1 of the 2021 CFL season is in the books and it came with its share of surprises. From a shorthanded Bombers team showcasing its depth, to a Toronto squad that’s full of new faces coming together to pull out a tough road win in Calgary, the power rankings have seen some substantial change. Week 2 will be a test for every team, as coaches across the league will be diving in on fresh film for the first time in 20 months on their opponents. Here’s where teams stand after their first games.

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Ah the pointless useless only meant to get people to argue ridiculous joke power rankings

Bombers made the right choice for QB
and are contenders again this year

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A single win in the opening game does not make one a contender . Along the same path a single loss in your opening game does not make one a non contender .

The last time I looked there was still 13 games to go for all but one team . Basically what I'm saying is let's not anoint anybody anything until we at least see a few more games .

As far as the Bombers making the right choice at QB ? Well that remains to be seen . All I'll say is that being a Cats fan that Zac looked to be in 2015 forum in that opening game but we all know how that ended up for Zac and the team that year , now don't we .

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We're planning to sheath Colaros in bubble wrap just in case someone sneaks past our awesomely good offensive linemen. His concussion prone noggin has already been outfitted with the latest ejection seat style safetly equipment. NOBODY is going to take him out (unless someone accidently steps on his freshly ejected brain). We're gonna protect the crap out of him. :crossed_swords:


Here's a sneak peek at Zac's new helmet since joining the Peg . :grinning:

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Access to that advanced bubble helmet prototype requires triple top secret clearance. Only I and the Prime Minister have access levels that high. So bobo82... either you're my boss or I'm talking to myself.

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My boss is a dick.

Maaax, if this top secret info is leaked out my bet is that its not from your office.

Isn't that what the Riders said in 2019?

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Welcome to the site

The Riders NEVER said we made the right choice for QB. They also never claimed that inbreeding was a bad thing.

Well I should think so. We poured billions of taxpayer dollars into making that thing. The last thing we'd want is for somebody to find out about it.

2015...yada yada yada....2016...bla bla bla.... 2017,2018 same old, same old.........then 2019 Grey Cup Champion..

And it turned out nice again!:tiger:

An undercover officer?

Yes and bobo82's guerilla costume helps him to infiltrate most criminal organizations. Even the Argonauts were fooled.

Code name "Gitarzan"

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Don't rub it in man. All those pathetic losers have feelings too.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are very deserving of the number one spot after Week number one. The most impressive part of their first game was there depth players performed very well in the absence of Andrew Harris & Darvin Adams. You cannot win the Grey Cup without elite "Canadian Talent" Keep up the fine work GM Kyle Walters. :football: :hash: :one: :canada:

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