Power Rankings: Bombers settling in

TORONTO — With two weeks’ worth of games behind us, the standings aren’t exactly aligning with what the pundits might have seen in their pre-season predictions. Some of the names we’ve grown used to seeing high up on the power rankings list have slipped downward with their records. The cream (read: winners) always rises to the top and it’s no different in this week’s edition of our rankings. If we thought it’d take offences a couple of games to find their collective strides, we should see start to see more chemistry and hopefully points on the board as a result. A 0-2 start isn’t the end of the world, but in a shortened season, it does make for more serious ground to be made up. Here’s the lay of the CFL land as we head into Week 3.

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These weekly power rankings are a JOKE! Edmonton and Calgary are both 0-2 and yet they are ahead of the 1-0 Redblacks. If the weekly results of the games do not count why have a weekly power ranking at all

TSN's new love affair is with the Bombers now that the Stamps and Elk are doing nothing. Better not get too sure about how " settled in" the Bombers are.

Yeah all this rubbish about the media favoring certain teams is well ... rubbish. :slight_smile:

I agree with the top four rankings but I think Ottawa deserves better than last place since they're undefeated. If Nichols comes out firing on all cylinders they'll give the Riders a scare.

I would say that Edmonton kinda gave that game to Ottawa more than anything. Hence the low ranking.

You can have a team that is under-performing still be a better team than another team. I would say relax and let things settle out.

I understand your point, however, these rankings are based on weekly results not projections. Three teams, Stamps, Elks, and Tiger-Cats are all 0-2. Logic suggests after week 2, these three teams should be ranked 9th, 8th and 7th. No?

Why have power rankings if you're going to base them on wins and losses? That's ... what wins and losses are for.

Why then have weekly power rankings if not based on wins and losses for that week? Have a monthly power ranking then based on 3 or 4 games for that month.

That weekly power ranking is ... the wins and losses for that week. If your objection is based on a team's record, then you are expecting something from these power rankings that it wasn't designed to give you. If you want those three teams to be at the bottom, check the ... actual rankings. Power rankings are a subjective assessment of where teams are at. These rankings may be informed by wins and losses but are not logically determined by them either. We might think a team is better than its 0-2 record, or worse than its 2-0 record, for any number of reasons. That's just how it is.

I would switch Hamilton and Calgary. They have both been busts out of the gate but Calgary at home twice, to Hamilton on the road twice, would have tilted my vote.

Power rankings are rankings. Whoever makes the rankings sets the rules/criteria for the rankings. It's totally subjective and there is no wrong or right.

Power rankings are also useless. They were invented by some lazy journalist who wanted an easy way to fill his column/blog each week. It's also a political college way of hyping one over another. The pros don't need rankings, they have standings.

If you wish to debate about who is better at this early stage of the season that is valid but this thread is a whole bunch of mudslinging. To bicker over someone's power rankings is a total waste of time.

Probably would prefer Hamilton and Calgary flip flopped seeing as Hamilton just had to face the two best teams in the league on the road no less despite playing very, very bad offensively those two games, but I agree with the rest. Edmonton has to overcome the yips and I think they'll be fine, and Calgary has just had a bad turnover fiasco so far this season.

From what I've watched in the first two weeks I think we have 3 tiers of teams:

The contenders: Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Montreal

The shows promise but also has shown struggles: Edmonton, Calgary, BC, Toronto

The shows little upside currently: Hamilton, Ottawa

I believe Hamilton should figure it out, but they looked god awful offensively in both games. When your offense is only able to establish one drive each game and barely get over midfield for the rest of the game, that is a huge problem no matter how good your defense has looked (which is ok, but not world beating the Riders still put up 30 points against them). The problem isn't even the QB, it's the offensive line. They can't establish the run because the offensive line is just pushed back by the DB's resulting in almost no gain, and then neither Masoli or Evans have any time in the pocket at all causing them to throw the ball a lot quicker than they would like, or take a lot of sacks. If the offensive line doesn't get better they may be at the bottom of the league with Ottawa this year. There don't seem to be many weak teams early on and they are not gonna have a free walk in the east especially with how Montreal has looked so far.

Ottawa's offense couldn't get anywhere in their one game. Somehow, they won I don't know how. We'll see how they do this week vs Sask.

Sask and Winnipeg have had one mutual opponent (Hamilton) and the Riders beat them by a wider margin. Not sure how they still rank the Bombers ahead of the Riders.

Only three teams right now that can score touchdowns. Not good for the fans and for the CFL trying to attract more viewers.
Hopefully, things will get better it's only the 2nd game after the long lay off.

I feel both CGY & Hamilton would beat EDM/OTT if they played them. So regardless of record, you rank them based on how strong they are.

Wow the media sure likes to pump BC tires. I thought they looked horrible in week 2. Calgary misfired made them look better than they actually are. But hey the packs starting week one were gauged around who needed the most attention to deliver fans. Guessing we'll see how deplorable the attendance for Toronto will be this season. Unless they're giving away tickets this club is likely going to need the rest of the league to carry them again.

The rest of the league doesn't carry the Argos, it's MLSE that pay the bills and absorb any losses. Argos aren't giving away tickets but single game tickets available for $25

In fairness, someone has to be number one... Saskatchewan is a great team... I'm not going to slam them. But the Bombers are defending Grey Cup champs who've beaten both Toronto and Hamilton. They've only allowed 13 points total over two games. Defense wins championships... and the Bombers are getting it done.