Power Rankings: Bombers setting dates

TORONTO — With another week comes another win for the now 10-1 Winnipeg Blue Bombers. They’ve not only punched their ticket to the post-season, but have now guaranteed that the road to the 108th Grey Cup in Hamilton — the Western leg of the journey, at least — will have to go through through IG Field.

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Pretty well agree with the rankings here other than would maybe move Montreal over Calgary (though Montreal's wins have been against Ottawa x3 and Edmonton x1) so maybe Calgary is the better option.

Would expect a Rider fan like you to agree after one victory that the Riders move into 2nd place. After all facts mean nothing to you.

Well we have won six and you've won five. You've also played one more game.

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Must be a Rider supporter writing these Power Rakings ! Real hesitant to move Cagary when they beat Sask twice, only raising the Stamps ranking signifantly up after beating BC real bad, and now Argos go down 3 rankings by being beat by Montreal who also go down 1 ranking. Yet Riders after 1 game rise up 2 rankings. As many have said about these rankings many years running. These are not true rankings just 1 person's biased opinion. What a joke!

You mad bro???

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Well I know at least one guy is gonna be happy that the Tiger-Cats moved ahead of the Lions. I have no problem with it because the Cats earned it and the Lions sure did not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Your QB tossed 3 piks and was also making really bad plays all game other then his first drive.... facts are facts to you too but you ignore them all the same too.

Stampeders fan's tears are the tastiest!


I think the joke is you cant read or do simple math. Montreal moving from 5 to 4 is up one, not down one.

EWW, to much information.


Barring a "miracle on ice" The Bombers are the only team of relevance. They are so far ahead of the pack at this stage they are in a league of their own. The standings prove exactly that!
Hamilton will finish in first place in the east with Masoli coming on and being the home team in this years Grey Cup will give Winnipeg a bit of a scare...if they play lights out. Calgary and Sk should have a nail biter in the west Semi at Mosaic, but it will not matter much. BLM is not what he was and the SK O-line is porous, nullifying the impact of their newly strengthened receiving core and a good running back. The playoff will be a bit of a yawner knowing that Winnipeg is around the corner waiting to pounce. They have 2 months to rest for the Grey Cup.


I'm not being snarky, but I can't see Hamilton in first, I would probably give them 2 wins, 7/7..... Toronto 2 maybe 3, first overall. Al's are in tough. 1 win, unless the play like last week, then I give them 2 wins.

Toronto #1
Cat's Al's will decided this week

Nevertheless all teams once in the playoffs are dangerous. One and done.


I agree that it is hard to fathom the Bombers losing a meaningful game. Montreal's playoff seeding depends entirely on whether Wpg decides to rest and tank or still play. In the latter case MTL will have at least two more losses that will affect their seeding. I think that this scenario is likely and therefore the Als are in tough. I think this opens the door for Hamilton to win the East. The Argos have looked good at times but soiled the mattress badly against the Als last week, causing me to doubt their abilities going forward. They had the division in their palms, for a split second at least. Macbeth looked awful and management's response was to trade Arbuckle. Curious at best. I don't follow the Argos very closely but am aware that many Argo fan posters have favoured Arbuckle over Macbeth this year. I think the Roughies will win the right to be slaughtered at IG field in the Western Final. Fajardo is a poor teammate but has way better weapons at his disposal than BLM does and it appears that BLM has become an interception machine and therefore I don't like their chances. Perhaps the Stamps can coax the legendary Kamau Incompletersen out of retirement?

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I agree with all except, I don't see Hamilton trending up, they lost to Als & Toronto, won against Ott x 2. A very sketchy first half on the second Ott game.

Al's defense came up big against Toronto. BTW Montreal won their last four games, Tor, Cat's 2 x Ott

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The Bombers better not 'rest'. I'm hoping they pour it on early with the idea of smoking the Alouettes before half time. Give McGuire some meaningful reps in the second half and if he can't move the team given the talent he's surrounded with... then for gosh sakes bring in our third QB, 'Boaty McBoatFace III' (Dru Brown out of OSU). If he can't get it done then we'll just have to count on plain old dumb luck to keep Collaros upright through the playoffs.