Power Rankings: Argos on a wave

TORONTO — He’s an international music icon, a walking meme generator, officially the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors and unofficially kind of the same thing for Canada as a whole. When it comes to the calculated steps that Drake makes, he rarely misses.

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Seems odd that Sask who was handled easily by Winnipeg and lost twice to Calgary is in third and Calgary is in sixth. Calgary on the other hand lost in a squeaker to Winnipeg. Seems to me Sask should be lower in the rankings or Calgary higher or both.

So much muck in the middle, they should all be tied for 3rd-7th rn

I can support the :top: :three:

I'd even say 2nd to 9th just look at the Bombers' score differential.
Also, I was disappointed by the schedule makers that they didn't even have 1 game between the Blue & Gold, and the RedBlacks, for some easy W's. Guess the Elks will provide those W's even easier 🤷

Your a bandwagon jumper lol always picks the home or team with the better record then kiss there ass.

I get what you're saying, but... in a shortened season I think its been done right.

The season is based on the results from the season prior. Ottawa had a bad season while Winnipeg won the Grey Cup. If there were teams to be cut in the schedule that was the one to do it.

It seems they try to match up by division first. Within and outside of that, they match up records from last season to give each team more of a chance to play their level. This can make a basement dweller rise up and be competitive and doesn't give a dominant team a pass.

In theory it works. If a team gets in a slump or suffers injuries as a top team then you can see them drop a few positions. I guess this is all on the team and management of it. Hopefully you don't have to scrap your season at that point, but some teams will have to decide when to bring in replacement talent or to just decide to make the season a rebuild year.

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"Got thrown on the heap of carcasses that Wpg is building this season". Love it. Also agree that the difference between 1st and 2nd is greater than the difference between 2nd and 7th, I would argue 2nd to 9th in fact. Elks are pathetic and their desperation is shown by benching Harris. Bad as he has been I can't see a 3 interception rookie as being better against the Bomber ball hogs. I often read comments about Toronto beating Winnipeg and Calgary coming close. While Winnipeg may not win every meaningful game (unlikely), the Toronto and Calgary games were early in the season and the Bombers had half of their starting defence injured. Right now the Bombers are untouchable despite the worst kicking game in CFL history (so far) which is more than offset by the best defence in CFL history (so far).

I strongly disagree with your statement the Bombers are untouchable. Football games are generally won & lost at the line of scrimmage. The second major factor is special teams play. The unknowns are turnover ratio-field position-big plays. The Bombers have done an exceptional job on the line of scrimmage. Their special teams leave a lot to be desired. If they fail to win the battle of the trenches, any disciplined team on their "A" game can beat the 2021 Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

P.S. Never forget the old saying-You got to be good to be lucky, and lucky to be good. Example-Rene Peredes 52 yard missed goal with Zeros on the clock :bangbang:

I think you missed my point. I agree with most of what you said but I still believe that the Bombers are untouchable at present. Because they dominate both lines so severely and consistently the rest of the normal factors are likely to have no impact. It is true that any team can lose one game say if they cough the ball up 5 times but the Bombers have shown no propensity towards doing so and if that is your only hope, good luck. It is also unlikely that they will have half of their lineman injured. Any other injuries, including to Collaros, are unlikely to be fatal. Whether their field goal kicker is 1/4 or not matters little when they are up by 30 in the second half which they seem to be every game against the latest up and coming team that TSN speculates may give them a run for their money (Bye Bye Ham, Sask, Edm and BC in particular-next!). The rest of their special teams are top of the heap- they just blocked another punt and Mike Miller tackles everything that moves. They don't even get to play the free space on the bingo card. If you recall their 2019 defence won them the last Grey Cup and thoroughly annihilated the Hamilton offence, which supposedly was not possible. The present defence is much better than that and in fact is the best in CFL history at present, whether that stat lasts or not. I understand that someone may have a favourite team other than the Bombers and forgive that heresy but that does not conjure up any realistic arguments against their dominance when there are none. And unlike some other dominant (although less dominant) teams of the past such as the Stamps, we do not have the Bo Levi (Mr. September) playoff yoke around our necks. Finally, as at least one person has posted, there is a rumour that some time soon, in a forest that may be far, far away, Kyle Walters will drive up to a person that looks a lot like Justin Medlock chopping wood. That figure would then return to Winnipeg for $50,000 and another Grey Cup ring for 6 weeks work max. Also chopping wood with Justin in that forest is Dexter, and he returns Nov 7th. Just sayin'...

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