Power Rankings: All roads (still) go through Toronto

TORONTO — The highly-anticipated meeting between the BC Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers lived up to and exceeded the hype in Week 18, with the Bombers settling in at the top of the heap in the West Division.

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Seems about right, Bomber fans might want a crack at 1 after beating my Lions but the Argo record is hard to deny. Playoffs will shake all the rest out.

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Mostly agree, but Ottawa would be dead last on my list.


Agree. Also an argument to be made that Saskatchewan should be 8th and Calgary 7th. Doing nothing during a bye week is far more impressive than what the Riders did last weekend and Calgary played a close game against Hamilton the week before.


Yeah, 3 Down Nation’s power rankings this week feel more accurate to me.


Hamilton has jumped from 9th in week 11 to 5th. With 1st and 2nd string QBs back and a sound running game they could be a force in the playoffs.

Switch Calgary+Ottawa around, and my list is identical