Power Rankings after weeks 6 & 7

Switching gears when the Riders entered this season at 0-0 I did not expect a 12-6, 13-5 year infact I don't think any of us did, I was expecting a rebuilding year, then we routed Hamilton, shut out Edmonton and narrowly defeated the defending Grey Cup Champs. So there we are heading into Week 4 at 3-0 and everybody at that point (including myself) forget that this is still a rebuilding team that maybe is bucking the trend. The Riders young age and inexperiance shows after we drop 17 and 19 point leads and cough up vs Edmonton.

Yes we started off 3-0 but people have to remember this is still a young and inexperianced team, I don't know if we have a starter over the age of 30 on Offense or Defense! Don't write the Riders off but don't dive into the hype were doing both who knows we can come back and be 7-3 then lose 5 straight? That's the CFL. I still see this team as a 8-10, 9-9 finish as I did at the begining hopefully squeeking into 3rd and pray there is no crossover

  1. (2) BC - Defense was great this week, offense was held back by a good TO defense but avoided mistakes.
  2. (4) Edmonton - Beat Hamilton and played far better than the Argos.
  3. (1) Hamilton - The new Jekyll and Hyde team. If they are true contenders the next 4 weeks should be the time to pull away in the East.
  4. (5) Montreal - Can't have them below Toronto based on this round.
  5. (3) Toronto - Looked like they were turning the corner last week then they throw up yet another turkey.
  6. (7) Calgary - If this team could string together consecutive good games they could move up.
  7. (6) Saskatchewan - I'm going to get flamed by those that see the league through green & white glasses but facts are facts, 3 consecutive losses and this week they can't even fall back on the "we dominated the first 3 quarters" excuse.
  8. (8) Winnipeg - Too many injuries to key people. Sorry Bombers fans, but with the current starters it already next year time.

Ummmm... do you actually read threads? I put in the Riders in the exact same spot!... :roll:

Do you mean Saskatchewan? Edmonton and Hamilton haven't played yet.

I never mentioned you or anyone else by name so I can only assume you feel you "see the league through green & white glasses".

........"do you actually read threads? "

I was doing some cut and paste and that must have got by me. I was starting with the idea that 2 of my top 4 from last week won so they were 1 and 2 this week. I'll be honest it looks like I combined 2 ideas there and forgot to proof read. :oops:

Green & white glasses usually refers to Rider fans in general... since I'm a Rider fan and debated you previously on your assessments... I would be in your category... I guess your comprehension skills are quite lacking as well...

That’s where we differ. I don’t generalize all Riders fans as seeing through green and white glasses, if I did I just would have said Rider fans. There are Riders fans that can be objective about their team and those that obviously can’t. And that’s true of fans of any team. Your apparent guilty conscience shows where you fall.

so who else but rider fans see through green & white glasses? Ti-Cat fans? No... stamp fans? no... you make a generalization like that, its usually about Rider fans in general...see how that works? If I had the bias you think I have, then I would have put the Riders much higher... but you have such a hate on for anything that has to do with the Riders to the point of ignorance. I have no guilty conscience, because I can be just as hard on my team as anyone... that is where YOU FAIL... :roll: :roll:

Now that you're starting to foam at the mouth, rant irrationally and claim to know what I think I'm done. But as an outro, if you had bothered to ask even once you would have found out that the Riders are my second favourite team in the league, always have been and that was before living in Moose Jaw for 3 football seasons. However, facts seem to be a little too cumbersome for you to handle. Better not to ask and look the fool than know the facts and have nothing to be angry about? :roll:

You second favourite team? Man, you have a funny way of showing that, and who cares if you lived in Moose Jaw for 3 "football seasons"... I personally know people that live here and are NOT fans of the Riders, so you better have more proof that they are "second favourite" team than that... your word is about as good as your judgment on the power rankings-- way out in left field...

BTW- I see you are making more friends on the Cory Boyd thread... I guess you didn't realize that Moose Jaw is known as the "Friendly City".... :lol: :lol:

Sorry sambo, but I think moses is ahead on points here.

Let's move on. . .

Oh? I disagree... he says his "2nd" favourite team is the Riders, but you would not know it by his posts... and its just one opinion...

so, MJ how would YOU rank the teams? :expressionless:

the problem arose from his use of the term 'green coloured glasses' . . .you took that to mean all RIder fans. . . that is not the way he meant it, that is not the way that I took it, I think he explained it clearly, I think you over-reacted, no offence. That's why I said he's ahead on points.

As to whether or not the Riders are his #2 team, I neither know nor particularly care.

So let's move on. . .

What do you think of the white unis? I like them, although I suspect I might be in a minority (yet again).

MJ, if you go through all the Power Ranking threads and see what he meant by "green coloured glasses", I was the one arguing with him over where the Riders should be ranked, so he definitely was referring to me, which led me to believe that he just posted without reading the thread first, and only 2 pages to go through... yet, I agreed with where he put them this week... but hey, no biggie to me... its is a power ranking thread, so why not stay on topic... I like the white unis...

Here are my revised rankings

  1. BC - still going keep them #1
  2. Edmonton - if Jyles can build on his performance, they will be a contender for 2nd
  3. Montreal - I put them third, but still 3-6 are interchangeable
  4. Calgary - best of the rest, right now
  5. Hamilton - streaky team, but can be good
  6. Saskatchewan - tough test next week in BC
  7. Winnipeg - lets see what Elliott can do
  8. Toronto - no running game = disaster

I agree with this but I would put Edmonton ahead of BC for 2 reasons

  1. Esks beat Lions on home field thats saying alot as the dome is not an easy place to play for visiting teams
  2. I'm a homer so it's obvious why I have the Esks at #1

For those who seem to be willing to write the Bombers off after a 1-5 start. Remember that after 6 games last year, who was sitting at 1-5.

[ol]- BC Lions: Only complete team in the CFL in all three phases.

  • Edmonton: League's best defense, only second because that offense still has a lot to prove.
  • Calgary: Finding its identity with Glenn under center.
  • Hamilton: Defense has to man up, but that offense is dynamite when it's on.
  • Saskatchewan: Settling back into the team I thought they'd be this year.
  • Toronto: Who replaces Boyd?
  • Montreal: Need to beat a team not named Winnipeg to earn a higher ranking.
  • Winnipeg: Some good pieces, but too much uncertainty on both sides of the ball.[/ol]

No one should be writing the Bombers off (not yet at least), but last year's Lions run was an anomaly. How many other times has a 1-5 team accomplished what the Lions accomplished? The reason people continue bring it up is because it never happens. You know who else sat at 1-5 at this point last year? Saskatchewan. Teams that are 1-5 are usually 1-5 because they aren't very good. BC was an exception.