Power Rankings after weeks 6 & 7

Well, after a third of the season, I would put them this way:

  1. BC - tied with Edmonton for 1st, but they are beginning to look like the defending champs
  2. Edmonton - Jyles looked much better last night, and their defence can take them a long way
  3. Montreal - the only team @ .500 to win in the bye weeks
  4. Toronto - not great, but not too bad either... more offence and they might have won vs. BC
  5. Calgary - if they use Cornish more, they could take second in the west
  6. Hamilton - they look great one week, lousy the next..
  7. Saskatchewan - they are fortunate that the Bombers suck
  8. Winnipeg - are already in next year country

Seems reasonable to me. Parity means big swings in the standings. Riders have yet to be blown out but can't close games. They are probably the youngest team, rebuilding, and it is starting to show.

Good ranking Sambo. I may put the Argos ahead of Mtl as they recently defeated them but can't argue with your list.

If some want to put Edm ahead of BC as they defeated them in the head-to-head a few weeks back, I wouldn't have a problem with that either. But BC looks to be rounding more into last year's shape (at least on D) after a sluggish start.

I put BC ahead of the Esks because I feel that they are the better team.... And as usual, you can interchange the teams ranked 3 thru 6, you just don't know how they will perform week to week

...I read somewhere that the Bombers have the youngest team, and it definitely shows...

Edmonton - tied with the Lions, but hold the tie break with a recent win over them, thus top spot in rankings
BC - need to find a way to get Simon and Bruce involved
Calgary - just beat the tabbies in a sloppy game. Cant wait for the rematch in better conditions
Hamilton - have wins over all the teams below except winnipeg
Saskatchewan - losers of 3 straight, but all real close
Toronto - cant get it all together, but hold a recent win over montreal
Montreal - can only seem to beat the bombers
Winnipeg - better luck next year

next year country for the bombers? really? why do people think this, this is the cfl, 3 weeks ago sask was 3-0, they are now 3-3.

Saying next year country for the bombers after 6 games when 12 remain i think is a little premature.

You are joking, right? In the other thread Elliott >Rodgers , you are saying you can't expect him to light it up, and say its a little premature to say the Bombers are in next year country? You are starting your 3rd string QB... think about that...

whats your point, he's 3rd string, but really lapo has said 2A and 2B, seriouslly? next year country after 6 games?

i mean, reality is the bombers arent out of it by a long shot, yeah they are 1-5 right now but every other team is .500 in the division, in pretty much the league actually outside of bc and edmonton.

1-5, sure, but in 2 weeks they could be 3-5 as could everyone else. its 6 games in, perhaps elliott is the answer at qb, perhaps he isnt.

to write a team off after 6 games tho like i said is pre mature, 3 weeks ago people were OMG the riders, the riders, 3-0, unstoppable, 3 weeks later, 3-3.

Anything can happen.

Think what you want really but writing a team off when quite a few impact players are on the IR still, after 6 games is way way pre mature in the cfl. 8-10 gets you in this year, all you need to do is get in the playoffs, and to say the bombers wont after 6 games is ridiculous.

like i said, 7-1, finished 10-8, bc 1-5 1-6 won the cup, riders 3-0 3 weeks ago, 3-3 today. Its not over by a long shot.

reality, bombers are 2 games out of first place with 12 games to go, like i said, premature.

Oh, c'mon. You don't buy that 2A, 2B garbage do you? That's coach speak. There is no such thing as 2A or 2B. It's 1, 2, 3. Elliott was No. 3. I'm not knocking Elliott or Brink or the Bombers, but there is a starter, a backup and a third-string QB and Elliott was the team's third-string QB.

I agree that it is too soon to write the Bombers off, especially with mediocrity reigning supreme in the East Division right now, but I remember Rider fans saying it was too soon to write them off last year at this point and we all saw how that season ended. The point of no return is coming up quickly. Despite any mathematical possibilities, if this is a one- or two-win team after Labour Day, I think we can say they're in next year mode. If you're 2-7 or 1-8, you're just not very good. 1-5 is pretty bad, but can be overcome to at least make the playoffs (Hamilton was 1-4 to start the 2010 season and finished 9-9, but they won four straight in August and September, so the Bombers better get a move on), so while it looks bleak in Winnipeg right now, I'm going to wait until after the back-to-back games against Saskatchewan before I write them off completely.

I agree that Killer is right anything can happen, but with the personnel the Bombers have now, its more unlikely than not that they will turn their season around...

The Bombers dont have a defense or an offense. NFL cuts can only go so far to help a team out. At least with the Lions last season they still had a fairly good group of players. The team that made it to the Grey Cup last year in Winnipeg has been dismantled. They may win a game or two here and there, but I cannot see them turning this season around.

I guess having a one week reprieve from watching the Winnipeg train wreck has made Bomber fan forget how bad his team really is.

Was waiting to see how long it would take to hear "BC won the Cup with a 1-5 start", and there you have it. Looking forward to the explanation when Elliott falls flat against Hamilton. I think Chip Lemon is available - - maybe he's the next QB saviour in Winnipeg.

mecka lekka hi mecka hiney ho, thanks so much for your wisdom you know it alls.

for the record; i wrote the bombers off WEEKS AGO... :smiley:

Statements expressed by this poster does not represent the opinions of most Bomber fans. What are you thinking when you post crap like this? This is not what we are about.

...no need to post the disclaimer LeBird, we all realize TKIM is in a league unto itself...every team has one or two 'fans' that you wish would take up knitting

You do know that last year Elliott was our #2, but due to him getting injured, Brink got alot of playing time. The 2 were still very close all during camp, and it was only due to brink's slight experience edge that he was ranked 2nd. Elliott was second in many fans (and players I believe) minds. So yes, he is a 2A. But I agree with your assessment on waiting untill after the LD matches. If we are only sitting at 2 wins by then, then yes you can call it a write off. So much can still happen this season.

I actually like Elliott and think he is better than Brink, but LaPolice calling them 2A and 2B is coach speak. If Elliott was that close to being the No. 2, then why was he not made the starter after Brink's horrendous first performance? You could have easily justified playing Elliott after Brink went nine for 34 against Toronto. I'm not saying Elliott isn't deserving of his shot, but this 2A-2B stuff is meaningless coach babble. But it is all moot anyway, because Elliott is the team's No. 1 QB for the time being. He'll sink or swim based on how he performs on the field.

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