Power Rankings after Week 9

Montreal's Defense is lights out???
Only Winnipeg has given up more points.... I don't even think they were lights out in that game... BC did score 38 points, sure they had some good points, but lights out?.. hardly


When your offense turns the ball over 7 times, expect to have alot of points scored on your defense. Some of those points werent against the defense either.


38 points on what 270 ish in yards O vs 39 on 460 yards....turnovers kept this respectable.

Calgary - Best team in the league right now
Saskatchewan - Better record than Calgary but they have been squeaking by with wins lately after losing to the Stamps
Toronto - Ricky Ray is on fire and although injured, the Argos will fare better next week with Collaros taking full reps at practice
BC - Only here because the bottom teams haven't proved any better so far
Hamilton - A win against BC will put them in the upper tier
Edmonton - Much better than their record indicates, but need to start winning games to jump up the rankings
Montreal - Starting to win games but are still a mess
Winnipeg - Don't have anything nice to say so I won't say anything at all

Here are my calculated power rankings, based on teams' previous week rankings, scores, and home vs. away.

Calgary - 0.869
Saskatchewan - 0.842
BC - 0.592
Toronto - 0.568
Montreal - 0.364
Hamilton - 0.349
Edmonton - 0.093
Winnipeg - 0.077

Four pairs of teams pretty much tied for first, third, fith and last. The calculations are definitely not allowing Edmonton to rise out of the basement like I think they should; personally, I'd have them even with Montreal and Hamilton. But that's the only change I'd make.

Have a Cigar Allen T on your rankings; mind you Montreal/Edmonton either or for the sixth spot.



True, but at least Ottawa has an experience GM on their staff. That counts for something, right?

Poor Bomber fans. As a Ticat fan, I sure can sympathize.

Argo fans have suffered as well. I still remember the late 70’s and some dreadful teams in the 90’s. At least we have a few Grey Cups wedged in there to ease the pain though.

1- Sask
2- Sask
3- Sask
4- Sask
5- Sask
6- Sask
7- Sask
8 -Sask

Seems there are some hurt Rider feelings with the new rankings, so in the spirit of giving.

Enjoy :lol:

Turkeybender, is that you? :wink:

That looks more like the TSN game of the week voting results. :stuck_out_tongue:

That's just going to get them more upset. Rider last? Sacriledge!

Time for my tried and true scientific method of choosing Power Rankings:

step 1.....firmly plant the B.B.'s in 8th spot

step 2....throw Stamps and Riders name on paper into my magical hat.....pick randomly,1 and 2

step 3....throw Cats,Argos and Lions name on paper into hat.....pick randomly,3,4 and 5

step 4....throw Esks and Al's name on paper into hat....pick randomly 6 and 7

And the Results Are.......


Also kinda funny,where I've read and heard that the Cats have only beaten the B.B.'s (3 times) @ the Esks (1 time)

Funny though that nobody mentions that 5 out of the 7 wins by the Greenies have been Ham(2 times)Edm(2 times)

and Mtl(1 time) in addition they were life and death in 2 of those games(Mtl,Edm)squeaking out both by 3 points each

It also looks like they've got 2 more freebies on the card with back to back against the B.B.s. Yes,they have beat Cal.

this year....but also lost to them as well.So assumimg that you will destroy the B.B.'s that will give you 7 wins against

the so-called weak sisters in the league out of 9 victories total.You maybe looking good right now...remember though

the Grey Cup isn't won in Aug. Lots of teams have sailed through the regular season...only to get knocked off in the

play-offs by lower ranked teams.Don't get me wrong here,your having a tremendous season so far....but right now you

haven't won anything yet.Even though you will most likely defeat the B.B.'s back to back,there will still be 8 games to

go,lots of football left and remember anything can happen......especially in this crazy league!!!!!