Power Rankings after Week 9

Let's see what people think before TSN and the rest post theirs in a couple of days.

1.(1) - Calgary - beat the Argos, yeah no Ray, but Stamps were playing their back up too and crushed the double blue
2.(2) - Saskatchewan - they won, it was ugly, but they won
3.(3) BC - they better get their act together or they'll fall out of the top 4 fast
4.(4) Hamilton - 3 straight wins is impressive, but their opponents weren't, if they continue it against BC they will move up
5.(5) Toronto - with Ray looked like champs, without Ray the looked like chumps. Coaching, D, O and special teams sucked
6.(6) Montreal - big 2nd half and did it without AC
7.(7) Edmonton - Reilly looks like the real deal, now if only they can stop snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
8.(8) Winnipeg - time to turn out the stadium lights their season is over


While I don't care about power rankings and can accept the fact that you could put CGY at 1 how was the Riders win ugly? Give EDM some credit, they have a few weapons on O and if they can put an OLine together next season and have Stamps Koch and Bowman, with Charles in the backfield they surprise a lot of people next year.


What he said.

Instead of ugly, how about "not confidence inspiring?"

A 3 point victory by the #1 or #2 team in the league against the 2nd worst team in the league might not be ugly, but it isn't confidence inspiring either.

I thought the Riders should have won by 7+ and not have to come down to the last minute against Edmonton. I say ugly you say it isn't confidence inspiring. I can live with either.

Why BC #2? They blew a 21-7 lead and gave up 32 2nd half points to a back up QB on a struggling team. What does that say about your 3-8?

I'm also fine with either. I was just trying to come up with a descriptor that wouldn't rankle the Rider fans.

Not quite sure the logic in you putting Montreal over Hamilton, or even BC over Calgary…
Montreal’s win came both literally and figuratively on the hopes of a Hail Mary… if Marsh takes 1 more step, the game is over without a FG attempt and the Als lose

whereas Hamilton beat Winnipeg back to back, not squeaking out a win, but thumping them both games, like “good” teams are supposed to do.


I just don't read in to too many numbers. I know the Esks are the 2nd worst team in the league statistically right now but they're a hot team right now and could see them putting a few wins together in the next few weeks.

I don't know how you can describe a team on a 6 game losing streak as "hot"

They're more competitive than their 1-7 record would indicate, and they're slowly improving, but they're definitely not hot.

pretty much agree
I was shocked with how well Calgary played with a few or their stars out. Toronto definitely went down hill w/o Ray. I believe the Argos have a great backup who will be a better starter than backup...needs 1st reps.

With the Riders...it wasn't that they won ugly...the Esks have been playing very well the past few games and been a contender in each of them. If they can take a win in the next 2 weeks over Calgary, which I believe they will win one, they should shoot up in the rankings a bit, because they are playing pretty solid ball right now.

I might be tempted to drop BC, like you mentioned. If they lose next week...3rd to probably 5th.

Hamilton/Toronto...Toronto/Hamilton...what evs

Showed how much Ray means to them. The team completely lost it's rhythm after he went out. Collaros played much better in the game he started and I think they will have more success with him next week, if Ray can't play, as a starter. The other thing that killed them was the moronic decision to give up back to back safeties. With the Stamps field goal that was a 7 point swing and killed all the momentum and they never got it back. Way to go Scotty.

Well I apologize if hot was the wrong word, but they are playing better and better each week and are a better team than their 1-7 record suggests. They're playing hotter than in weeks past. If it were WPG I'd admit to it being ugly. I admitted to last week being ugly as I believe MTL to be worse than EDM is right now and if this type of scenario happens on labour day i'll admit to it being ugly then too.

  1. Saskatchewan- winning twice at commonwealth is a feat
  2. Calgary- I put them at two, but you could switch them with SK
  3. BC - not sure how theymanaged to lose
  4. Hamilton- they are closing in on BC for #3
  5. Toronto- average without Ray
  6. Montreal- snuck out a win, but not so sure they are worthy of 6
  7. Edmonton- a win would put them ahead of the Al's
  8. Winnipeg- are more changes coming this week?

Starting early this week. It's pretty hard to rank Toronto right now, because we don't know if Ray is going to be out next game or not.

It's also hard to rank BC, because they're so different in home/road games that it's like two different teams. But I'll give it a shot...

  1. Calgary - I had them here last week, and I stand by it. They keep getting it done.
  2. BC - They're the home team in their next game. That's worth about four spots in the rankings.
  3. Saskatchewan - Don't feel too bad, Edmonton seems to lose to everyone by 3 points.
  4. Hamilton - Normally beating Winnipeg wouldn't get you into the top 4, but Ricky Ray might be injured and I have a lot more confidence in Hamilton's chances at beating a Collaros led Argo team.
  5. Toronto - If Ray is healthy, put them back into fourth.
  6. Montreal - Do you define the "hotter" team as the one that looks good while being in more games, or the one that manages to eek out a win? I'm going with the win.
  7. Edmonton - I'm not sure I've ever seen one team lose so many close games. But until they can close the deal it's hard to move them up.
  8. Winnipeg - After Milt Stegall said flat out that they don't have the talent, what is there left to say?

According to my stats formula...

  1. Saskatchewan (4.4)
  2. Calgary (3.9)
  3. Toronto (3.3)
  4. BC (3.2)
  5. Hamilton (3.2)
  6. Montreal (2)
  7. Edmonton (0.4)
  8. Winnipeg (0.4)

I personally think that Calgary could easily be ranked first, but the rest of it looks correct.

Same logic you have for having Calgary over Saskatchewan... BC beat Calgary last week.

Montreal played the number one team tough and beat the number two team, though on a last second Hail Mary. Montreal's defense is lights out. While Hamilton is improving, I suspect their success will level out during the second half of the season. If they beat BC one or both of the next two games they will move up.

that other team

mont moves up because they are the only supposed bottom 4 team to beat a supposed top 4 team