Power Rankings after week 8

yup...those oh so pathetic Argos, so you like to think, what with their pathetic 4 game win steak and 16+ point differential over those games...if you are talking here and now and who is hot...Argos are...not sure how someone could list them as 5th...both Hamilton and Toronto pulled out squeakers the past couple weeks on the Esks, but the Argos have scored almost 1/3 more points.

It isn't black and white. It is possible play well and lose (Stamps) and possible to play poorly and win (Riders)

And I'm not so sure the loss of Lewis is a death blow for the Stamps. Sure they can't just look for Nik on 2nd down anymore, but you have to remember that the Stamps routinely use 8, 9, 10 receivers per game. And they have Cornish.

I think the loss of Lewis changes the playbook a little (no crack back blocks where DE's get flipped in the air.. yes I'm talking about you Greg Peach) but the Stamps have a pretty big playbook, so losing a half dozen plays that feature Nik Lewis won't make a huge difference.

The Riders haven't beat a quality opponent on the road either (IMO the week 7 Argos are playing much better than the week 3 Argos)

And to be quite honest, it is pretty hard to beat a good team in their stadium. If a good wins all their home games and beats all the mediocre and bad teams on the road, you're looking at a 14-4 record.

Totally agree.

The Argos had what,....7 or 8 new starters on D at season start...They have come a darned long way fast. Their O is also much improved / clicking.

Hold on a minute, the whole reason teams are saying Calgary is better is because they beat the Riders at McMahon Stadium last week. Evidently, they then lost to BC this week. I understand your point about it being difficult to beat good teams on the road, but at this point in the season Calgary hasnt been able to do that and the Riders have. Add to that the Riders have a better record.

Toronto has been playing well the whole season.

Those 4 wins are:

  1. On the road at Winnipeg (not impressive, everyone except the WBB win at IGF)
  2. At home vs BC (convincing win, full credit here)
  3. On the road at Montreal (Wow! A win in Montreal, but let's be honest, the 2013 Als aren't the Als we're all used to)
  4. At home vs Edmonton (3 points vs. a pretty inept team that seems to always find a way to lose)

So the wins vs. Mtl and Wpg aren't impressive, all you can take from those wins is that the Argos aren't bad. The credit earned by the win over BC is kind of offset by the close game vs. Edm. So who are the Argos? I don't know. In a few weeks they could be solidly in 1st or solidly in 6th. But at this moment, I don't think the Riders/Lions/Stamps are scared of the Argos. They probably see the Argos as more of a trap game where if you don't take the game seriously, the Argos could pull out a victory.

Last year it was the offense that killed them all year. This is where the offense should have been at this point last year. They are 5-2 solely because of their offense. Their D is letting them down as is their ability to compete with the contenders. They're 4-0 against sub .500 teams and 1-2 against the contender. If they can beat Calgary next week I'll move them up, but their only victory against the big boys was against a Lions team that was not playing great in the week before or after that game.

Really, how hard is it to beat Montreal, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Edmonton so far this season. When the top 4 have played each other so far;

Saskatchewan 2-1
Calgary 2-2
BC 2-2
Toronto 1-2

Kind of speaks for itself.

my comparison is to Hamilton being ahead...
Hamilton bounced around the Bombers, just as the Argos did the Als...so pretty much the same
Hamilton beat the Esks by , one week later the Argos by 3...so pretty much the same
Before that the Cats lost 2, including a shutout....the Argos won convincingly over BC and the Bombers in the same stretch
They have scored about 1/3 more points, surrendered about 15% less, and won two more games...sorry...I just see no logic in ranking Hamilton ahead. I really don't care about power rankings, other than it is some good mid-week banter and discussion, but I just don't understand the logic there.

You're oversimplifying. Last week Calgary was better because they beat the Riders and a lot of non-Riders fans thought the score flattered the Riders.

The week 3 Argos were definitely not firing on all cylinders. I get it, you're a Rider fan and you want to give the Riders as much credit as possible for the week 3 victory, but IMO the Riders are a top team because of the 2nd half vs. the Stamps at Mosaic and the 37-0 beatdown of the Cats. Week 3 in Toronto doesn't factor into my respect for the 2013 Riders.

you just stated my point there...'how hard is it to beat Hamilton' yet you don't have Toronto lumped in there and you have Hamilton ranked higher.

Further, what is the Cats record against a "top" team...0 and what?

I agree... I have TO at 4

An argument could be made for any of Toronto, Calgary, BC or Saskatchewan being first right now. Riders haven't played very good the past 2 games. I don't think either of BC or Calgary played well the other night, defensively sure, but very sloppy otherwise by both squads. The Argo's played well offensively, but they allowed a lot of points to an Eskimo offense that has struggled mightily.

Using my formula that strictly weights wins and losses, more heavily for the more recent wins has it:

  1. Saskatchewan (4.0)
  2. Toronto (3.8 )
  3. BC (3.7)
  4. Calgary (3.4)
  5. Hamilton (2.5)
  6. Montreal (1.2)
    7/8. Edmonton & Winnipeg (0.5)

Keep in mind that doesn't take into the fact quality of the opponent, or injuries, nothing but wins and losses. I think personally I'd have Calgary higher up, but the top 4 are very close.

If the question is who is #1 overall - then the stats show the Riders - a win is a win no matter how ugly ( and good teams win ugly games )

If the question is who was the best team overall in week 8 - the riders would be #4 as Toronto #1 - BC #2 and Hamilton #3 in that exact order round out the best 4 teams of week 8

Standings are pure won/loss record regardless of how ugly/close/dominant the result. Power rankings are were you think they are based on a wide variety of factors. I put Hamilton ahead of the Argos because if they were to play next week I would be picking Hamilton to win. Argos offense is good but the D is nowhere close to the same calibre.

In the end who would you put your money on in a GC ? Ricky Ray or Glen,Lulay,Durant :wink:
Not to mention Toronto is the GC champs and are improved over last season.

Absolutely...yet you yourself still have the Cats in the "who can't beat them" category, but not the Argos, yet have the Cats ahead...just saying...using the logic as you have laid out here, it makes little sense.

I see what you're saying. The Argos beat the Cats on opening day and the Cats followed that up with a loss to Edmonton, a win over Winnipeg that they almost lost and being shut-out by the Riders. So at that time, 6 weeks ago, yes who couldn't beat them, but they have improved over the last 3.

Argos get the tick in the box for offense and maybe special teams, but Hamilton has a more consistent defense and far better coach. I'll take Hamilton right now between these 2.

Who would I put my money on? The QB with the best defense. Ricky Ray can only do so much, if he doesn't get the support from his D it doesn't matter how good he plays.

As for the defending champs tag? :lol: :lol: :lol: That has no bearing on this season. Only twice have the Grey Cup champs repeated in the last 30 years and the Argos in my opinion are no better or worse than at this point last season. Last year they were a Jekyl and Hyde team that couldn't put 2 complete games together all year, this year their offense is finally gelled (only took 24-25 games for Scotty to perform that miracle :roll: ) but the D is the inconsistent player.

I don't see the Argos repeating this season.

fell on your head again?